Top 10 stunning islands in Thailand that you can definitely not skip

1. Ko Phi Phi Island

Ko Phi Phi Island
Ko Phi Phi is an archipelago of Krabi province, southern Thailand. Ko Phi Phi Don is the largest island of this archipelago and is the only island with native inhabitants of many generations. Meanwhile, Ko Phi Phi Leh is well known for its 2000 movie "The Beach." so it attracted many visitors. Besides, it used to be hit hard by the 2004 Noel tsunami so the whole island was swept away. Today, however, there is almost no sign of tragedy as the reconstruction takes place very quickly and formally. There are daily direct flights from Bangkok to Krabi to travel. 

2. Ko Tao Island

Ko Tao Island
Ko Tao is becoming a favorite destination for people who are looking for relaxation. It is also ideal for those who like scuba diving, fishing, or hiking in nature. So, approximately 7,000 visitors annually receive a certificate of completion of the diving course here. With the rapid growth of tourism, the number of resorts, bars, and nightclubs has increased significantly, although many still prefer to head to the pristine, unspoiled areas of the island. Ko Tao is close to Ko Samui so it is convenient to move.

3, Ko Chang Island

Ko Chang Island
Situated near the Cambodian border, Ko Chang is the third largest island in Thailand. Nature offers many mountains, rainforests, waterfalls and beautiful beaches. Therefore, in less than 10 years, Ko Chang has become a major tourist destination in Thailand and is more popular than Phuket and Ko Samui for its tranquility and wildness.

4. Phuket Island

Phuket Island
Phuket is the name of a province and is the main city of the province. Phuket consists of a large island and countless small islands and this is the second-largest tourist destination in Thailand, after Bangkok. Beautiful beaches, hotels, resorts, restaurants, bars, nightclubs are the most visible in Phuket. Moreover, there are also shopping centers, golf courses for visitors to immerse in. There are dozens of flights from Bangkok and other major cities such as Chiangmai, Udon Thani to Phuket every day because of its unique beauty. 

5. Ko Phangan Island

Ko Phangan Island
Ko Phangan Island is an island located in the Thailand Bay, between Ko Samui and Ko Tao. This is a popular spot in the dusty world, with many beaches and tropical forests. Every year there is a vibrant music and dance festival, known as the Full Moon Party. Visitors to this place also enjoy the large and beautiful pagodas. The closest airport to Ko Phangan is Ko Samui.

6. Ko Samui Island

Ko Samui Island
Ko Samui is one of the most popular tourist islands in Thailand. There are countless resorts, hotels, bungalows catering to the needs of travelers from budget to luxury. Many festivals are held in Ko Samui each year such as Buffalo Fighting Festival, Samui Art Festival, and other street celebrations. Sailing enthusiasts will also be fascinated by Samui Regatta. One thing to note when you arrive in Ko Samui is that you can only fly by Bangkok Airways because the airport is exclusively owned by the airline.

7. Ko Tarutao Island

Ko Tarutao Island
Ko Tarutao is one of the 51 islands in the Tarutao Marine Park in southern Thailand. The island has many suitable places for camping and bungalows for nature lovers, wandering on deserted beaches and wild rainforest. Therefore, visitors can enjoy the feeling of true wilderness life. The nearest airport is Hat Yai and then proceeds by train to Ko Tarutao.

8, Ko Lanta Island

Ko Lanta Island
Ko Lanta, or Ko Lanta Yai, is the largest island in an archipelago of Krabi province. The western beaches of Ko Lanta Yai have many resorts and bungalows. The area is well suited for scuba diving, coral reef tour, and fishing experience. Here, you will also have the opportunity to watch the giant whale, too. Do not ignore the opportunity to come here once. 

9. Ko Lipe Island

Ko Lipe Island
Ko Lipe belongs to the Adang-Rawi Islands, southwest of Thailand. This is a small island and visitors only take a few hours to go around the island. Because of the many strict regulations, it is impossible to develop tourism here. Ko Lipe is located outside of Tarutao National Marine Park where there are three main beaches with different rates. The nearest airport to Ko Lipe is Hat Yai for those who would like to find the way to visit here. 

10. Ko Samet Island

Ko Samet Island
Ko Samet Island is located near Bangkok, known as the getaway, away from the noise of the city. Although most of the island is a national park preserved with strict regulations, there are still areas to help tourists get an unforgettable experience. One of the most impressive is the white sand beaches and many useful activities. Sunbathing during the day and enjoying the lively nightlife is not to forget the experience here. It takes only about 3 hours drive from Bangkok or 1 hour from Pattaya.

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