Travelling in Myanmar with Children – Tips and Guides

Planning for a trip with family, the destination to be chosen which could be much fun and cheerful for all in the family, especially children as they are the centre of attraction wherever we go. We planned for Myanmar, which is a great destination for kids. We have a long list to visit, from the beaches and the boat journeys and also to historic temples and many more. Here it is easy to discover on a budget and get much better facilities than any other places around the country.


Myanmar, officially known as the Republic of the Union of Myanmar which is also known as Burma, it is a sovereign state in the region of Southeast Asia.


The culture of Myanmar is very much influenced by Buddhism. Their culture is very much affected by the ancient Indian culture deeply connected or linked with the local traditions and some affects of the Chinese culture can also be clearly seen in their local architecture and food habits. 

Travelling in Myanmar with Children – Tips and Guides

We can find number of various kinds of stupas and temples throughout the country which resemblance to those in northern India. Buddhism is the single largest religion practiced there, and even some of the villages have a village temple for their prayers. Some other religions which we will find in a smaller number are Christianity, Islam and Hinduism.

Myanmar is one of the most brilliant destinations in the world, the most magical and a golden land of breathtaking beauty and charm. That marinates in their fascinating history, culture and traditions.


  • So here we come with some tips that can help you and your children to enjoy and get the most out your trip to Myanmar.
  • Get some information about the destination to your child. Bring some books according to your child’s age, so that the child should know about the destination beforehand and he can enjoy it.
  • Be sure to pack insect repellent, sun screen and hats in your luggage. All this will be used on your trip.
  • You must get a child-sized life jacket. You will be traveling by boat and there you can get adult-sized life jackets only.
  • Give time to your child so that they can watch the artists you will find along the way.
  • You should be carrying the water at all times as de-hydration can be a risk especially for children.
  • We had lovely swimming facilities, which proved an ideal place for relaxing after a day of touring for complete family.
  • Don’t miss out the puppet show, which is famous in Myanmar, even some of the hotels provide a complimentary show during dinner. Get a catch of it.
  • Take plenty of wet wipes with you to clean the hands before and after meals as restaurants may or may not have fresh, clean running water and soap every time.
  • Be very careful about the poisonous snakes of Myanmar. Remind your children to be on designated paths and they must avoid running in the shrubs or long grass, for their safety.
  • You can bring the child’s favorite snacks for picky eaters, as Myanmar markets will be offering you lots of fresh fruit to eat.
  • Get your child a notepad or diary, so that the child could record his thoughts and experience during the trip.
  • You can also provide your child his own camera for the visit. So that he could make his own memories to cherish further.

Important Points Not To Be Missed Out:

  • Myanmar has a very poor conditions relating to public health, specially the provision of clean drinking water and also sewage disposals, so it is necessary to the parents to be wise and lay down a few rules with regards to maintain the good health of their child, they could do this by various activities such as regular hand washing, keeping sanitizers, wet tissues etc.
  • · Parents should warn their children especially not to play with any animal they find, as it can be dangerous. They could be poisonous or could cause rabies.
  • · When you are travelling with the children, it can be more comfortable and safe by getting in your private car. Try to get your private vehicle if possible.


"Hi! I'm Thien from Vietnam. I was in Myanmar 2 years ago. Your sharing strongly reminds me of my traveling experiences when in Myanmar. Thanks greatly for that!
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Do hope that you can visit and explore our country one day.


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