Top food that you should try in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai is a land of tranquility with its houses, pagodas, temples. They have the typical culture that has survived for hundreds of years. Unlike the modern and bustling city like Bangkok, Chiang Mai attracts tourists with beautiful scenery and delicious food. After spending a day traveling Chiang Mai, you should take a rest and enjoy delicious food. It is extremely wonderful. Below, I will introduce you 10 delicious food of Chiang Mai Thailand that I should try.

1. Khao Soi

Top food that you should try in Chiang Mai, Thailand

People say that if you do not enjoy Khao Soi, you have never visit Chiang Mai. The fact is that it is crispy fried noodles with curry - a specialty of this place. This traditional dish is served with chicken or beef, and some other spices such as chili sauce, salted cabbage, scallion, and lemon. The most famous dish in northern Thailand can be found anywhere from 5-star resorts to eateries on the sidewalk. Do not hesitate to try this food when you are in Chiang Mai.

2. Sai Oua

Sai Oua is also known as Chiang Mai sausage. It is made from pork and is sold all over the street. Unlike other types of sausages in other countries, this type of sausage has the sour taste of lemon and spicy taste of chili, and ginger. This is also a popular dish of local people in Chiang Mai. If you want to enjoy this strange sausage, do not miss the opportunity to try it in Chiang Mai.

3. Kaeng Hang Lei Curry

If you are a big fan of the spicy dish, this is probably the food that you cannot be missed. It is one of the spiciest curries in Thailand. Curry Pork in Chiang Mai has a sweet taste of tomatoes and some spices such as chili, ginger, turmeric, tamarind, and garlic. The taste of this dish is very suitable for those who like to eat spicily. In addition, cold weather is a good condition to eat this curry with friends and relatives.

4. Nem Chua ( fermented pork roll)

Nem Chua is one of the delicious dishes in Chiang Mai and it is also sold a lot on the streets of Chiang Mai and Bangkok. Nem Chua is made from minced pork and is fermented for 2 days. The aromatic Nem Chua will stimulate the taste of visitors during the time you walk around Chiang Mai street at night. You can also buy as a gift for relatives after the end of the holiday in Chiang Mai.

5. Khanom Jeen Nam Ngiao

In Thai, Khanom Jeen means "fresh vermicelli" and Nam Ngiao means "traditional spicy tomato sauce". These two ingredients are combined to create delicious and unique noodles of Chiang Mai. This dish is often served with lemon, bean sprouts, sour cabbage, raw vegetables and crispy pork's skin. Do not miss this unique vermicelli when coming to Chiang Mai.

6. Kaeng Khanun

Kaeng Khanun, also known as curry jackfruit, is a famous curry in Northern Thailand in general and in Chiang Mai in particular. Except for the familiar ingredients and flavors of curry, Kaeng Khanun also contains jackfruit and tomatoes to make this dish more unique. This will be an extraordinary curry that visitors should try when visiting Chiang Mai.

7. Yum Moo Yor Salad

Yum Moo Yor salad is a popular dish in restaurants in Chiang Mai. The salad consists of Moo Yor, onions, vegetable, lemons, fish sauce, and chilies. It is a special delicious appetizer for your meal. In addition, tourists can buy Moo Yor in the roadside booths. They are rolled in green banana leaves and arranged like pyramid-shaped.

8. Miang Kham

Miang Kham is a popular nosh on the streets of Chiang Mai. Visitors can choose for themselves sour, spicy, sweet, or salty taste. When eating Miang Kham, people usually wrap it with La Lot and other spices like pineapple, dried shrimp, peanuts, chili, lemon, onions, coconut. In addition, there are also street vendors that have wrapped availably for visitors to buy this food. The sweet and sour sauce is the highlight of this dish.

9. Fried Spiral Potato

This street food will make you funny because of its shape. Instead of frying potato normally, people cut potation into the spiral shape. Then, they fry with much oil to make this dish crispy. Spiral Potato is served with cheese, barbecue, chili powder, and tomato ketchup. It is suitable for those who like street food and the price is very cheap.

10. Dim sum

Dim sum is served early in the morning in other countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, or China. But in Chiang Mai, this dish is sold at night. This dish is decorated with the bamboo tray that looks extremely attractive. You can enjoy this dish with family or friends after a long time traveling around Chiang Mai.

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