Top 8 “amazing” destinations that you should travel in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai is one of the most attractive cities for visitors to Thailand. Chiang Mai is an important part that is unlike big cities such as Bangkok or Pattaya of Golden Pagoda Country. Chiang Mai has the beauty of the tranquility and slowly land that produces famous handicrafts. Below, I will recommend you some tourist destinations in Chiang Mai, Thailand

1.Wat Phra Singh Pagoda

Top 8 “amazing” destinations that you should travel in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Wat Phra Singh was built in 1385, and it is considered as the most famous temple in Chiang Mai. The temple has many beautiful features such as Lanna gold-plated frescoes, unique bible depositories, and Phrachaotongtip statue. Besides, every year, the temple also has Songkran Festival. On this day, people will bring the sacred statue to march around the town of Chiang Mai. The purpose is for people to participate in traditional Buddha bathing ceremony. Especially, during the festival, people cook traditional dishes and wear colorful costumes and they will splash water on each other with buckets, water guns, and water balloons. 

2. Chiang Man Temple

Chiang Man Temple was built in 1292 with typical Lanna architecture. The Chedi Tower is surrounded by 15 carved elephants. The architectural sophistication is reflected in the temple's roof by impressive motifs. Inside the temple, there are two famous Buddha statues and a glass Buddha which is said to be The Rain God is Pra Seh-Taang Kamanee. If you come to Chiang Mai, do not miss the chance to enjoy the peaceful and sacred space of this temple. 

3. Walkways

People often call "Tha Phae walking street". It is from Tha Phae Gate to Ratchadamnoen Road and opens from 5 pm to 10 pm. Along the street are the booths that sell the unique sophisticated handicrafts. They are the soul of northern Thailand culture. Moreover, the street became an outdoor stage for street artists to perform street music, dance performances, and traditional Thai games. You will feel the peace and enjoy a lot of cultural specialties of the land. 

4. Summer Palace - Phu Ping Palace

The King's Summer Palace is located on the top of Doi Buak Ha Mountain, Suthep. So, the weather is cool all year round. The palace impressed visitors by the colorful roses that were planted along the aisles. Moreover, its campus is also large for rare plants to pervade. Summer Palace is the place where the Royal Thai still visit to relax. Because Thai people always respect the Royal, they visit the palace with reverence during the holidays.

5. Mae Sa elephant camp

Mae Sa Elephant Camp is located about 30 kilometers from Chiang Mai, and the elephant camp is surrounded by lush trees and lush forest that is beautiful like a picture of the mountain area. It is the habitat of more than 70 tame elephants. Every day, the elephants are bathed in the river at the camp. They are also fed and cared carefully. Elephants at the camp can play football or draw pictures that make visitors very excited.

6. Grand Canyon

Chiang Mai has a charming place where nature combines perfectly with mountains and lakes and it makes this place have imposing beauty. That part of Chiang Mai beauty in the heart of tourists is this Grand Canyon. It has not only the magnificent scene but also wild nature for tourists to explore, swim and see the sunset. The best time for you to visit is in the afternoon. You can bathe, and swim in the green lake near the cliffs and watch the sunset.

7. Botanic Garden

A cactus garden is no longer so distinctive or unfamiliar, but the cactus in Chiang Mai is quite different from the thousands of cactus species. Cactuses live in a transparent glass garden like a cactus miniature world that makes you feel overwhelmed. There are various types of cactuses in different sizes, shapes, and names. Especially, if you are lucky, you will have a chance to see larger cactuses. Outside the glass dome is a glass bridge that is over the tranquil, and peaceful forest.

8. Bazaar Chiang Mai night market

Bazaar is known as the famous market in Chiang Mai. This is a place where Thai people make handmade products and sell those products to visitors and other people. The market is often opened from 6 p.m to 12 p.m every day. Although the time is short, there are many people joining in this market. Moreover, the products are arranged orderly that makes people impressive. You can buy handicrafts, or handmade items from Chiang Mai and northern Thailand.

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