Ratanakiri in Cambodia

Ratanakiri is a remote northeastern province of Cambodia, to the south by Mondulkiri Province, to the west by Stung Treng Province, to the north and east by the border with Laos and Vietnam.

Ratanakiri has a diverse range of terrains, including rolling hills, mountains, highlands, lowlands and volcanic lakes. The area is characterized by thick forests with rich foliage and rich wildlife. Ratanakiri is an ideal destination for those who love nature and want to discover new things.

Ban Lung is the capital of Ratanakiri Province in the northeastern part of the Kingdom of Cambodia. A small, peaceful town with peaceful, hospitable and hospitable people. Ban Lung can be called a street in the forest or in the street because there are many trees, many old trees with the small forest in the heart of the city. Ban Lung is home to 12 Khmer Loeu minorities (Khmer Thuong).

Unlike many other cities in Cambodia in particular and in the world in general, Ban Lung does not have a traffic light, no helmet is required for motorcycle riders. 50 cubic meters in traffic, there are no traffic police comrades standing at the crossroads, crossroads or hot spots like in Vietnam, but according to our observation, people still moving so orderly on the road without the "white streak" of the crash. Small town, but on the road a lot of cars. A friend told me that the price of cars here is at least three times cheaper than in Vietnam.

Ban Lung is small but there are some very modern, polite hotels in the city centre. In recent years, the city has attracted more and more domestic and foreign tourists to come here to visit, visit and relax by the beauty of wilderness such as the village of Khmer Loeu Plain, pristine forests, majestic waterfalls, precious stone mines, Yeak Laom volcanic lakes are famous along with mild, pleasant climate. One day in Ban Lung, there are four seasons like in the Central Highlands (Vietnam).

Yeak Laom Lake

The volcanic lake Yeak Laom is like a deep blue jewel deep in the peaceful forest of Yeak Laom Village, in Ratanakiri Province. This area is respected by many Khmer people and is considered the sacred place with many legendary stories. Yeak Loam brings up a deep history with an estimated age of 700,000 years and lies on the mouth of a volcano. Perhaps it is because of the minerals in the eruptions in history that have helped the area grow so well that the lives of the people here are not difficult and difficult.

Yeak Laom Lake is located in Ratanakiri Province, Cambodia

If you have ever been to the natural lake Yeak Loam, you will hardly forget the beauty of it. Bring on a blue colour, the scenery around the lake resembles a water-based painting. In the past, Yeak Loam was formed from a volcano, surrounded by lush green forests, where the village of Yeak Laom was inhabited by indigenous peoples.

Yeak Loam covers an area of about 800m2, the lake surface is only about 47 meters wide. Surrounding Yeak Loam is a 2.5-kilometer long road. Along with this way visitors can stroll to admire the beautiful beauty of the frozen man and jungle green forest, enjoy moments of peace.
The scenery is beautiful, romantic, cool air and friendly people are what you will feel at Yeak Laom Village. Live with time, revolving around the volcanic lake Yeak Laom are many interesting lores of the ancient Khmer Loeu and this story will follow visitors throughout the journey to explore Lake Yeak Laom with many interesting.

Noisy as the usual tourist spots, Yeak Laom lake does not have too many tourists. Visitors are mostly foreign tourists, they often quietly strolling around the lake. People here say that when bathing lake will be very lucky so many people also try to follow; However, they do not play quietly drop in the blue water.

The lakeside has a pier, visitors can swim and picnic here. Besides, there is also the cultural centre of Yeak Laom and the handicraft and fine art exhibitions of the Khmer Loeu people, which are colourful patterned fabrics, cute little toys. Handcrafted from the skilful hands of local people. You can buy yourself some souvenirs to celebrate after the trip or donate to relatives and friends.
Not as popular as other tourist destinations like Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, volcanic lake Yeak Laom impressed with the beauty of the wild, airy but equally poetic of a picture.
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