Delicious street food that you cannot miss when visiting to Bangkok, Thailand

If you are a penchant for street food, we can not miss Bangkok, Thailand. Thailand is not only famous for its beautiful places but also the street food. It is also attractive to visitors. So, Thailand is known as a paradise for food. When traveling to Bangkok, you will be impressed by a myriad of delicious food and the price is very reasonable. Here are some suggestions for street food for you.

1. Sparkling drinks and Thai milk tea.

Drinks such as iced coffee, Thai tea, smoothies or sparkling drinks are sold all over the streets of Bangkok for refreshments. When traveling around here, guests can be attracted by popular drinks but very tasty. Especially, only 20 - 50 baht (about $ 1.5), you will buy these drinks on the XXL size.

2. Fried quail eggs

This is a dish found in many Southeast Asian countries and it is simple to make. You just fried quail eggs, then eat together with a special sauce. However, the taste of this dish makes many visitors have a good appetite. Price for a box of fried quail eggs is about 100 baht (about $3)

3. Ice lolly

Ice creams have various shapes, sizes, and flavors of fruit or chocolate. Ice lolly is ideal dishes to avoid the heat of Bangkok. The price of each ice cream is about $2.

4. Tube ice-cream

Tube cream is quite like the ice lolly. However, it is more simple and the price is also less than about 5 baht. Instead of using milk, people use water to make ice cream. Each ice cream is put in an aluminum tube and in ice-box to keep ice-cream not be melted. There are many different flavors such as orange, strawberry, mint or lemon for you to choose. You can find it at Chatuchak Market or along the streets of Bangkok.

5. Cream Mochi

As another kinds of Mochi in Japan, Cream Mochi has a thin skin and the inside of the ice cream is extremely attractive. Moreover, there are many different tastes for you to choose. This dish is sold at Chatuchak weekend market for about 25 baht ( about $0.7)

6. Thai fried rice

With about $1.2 baht, you can enjoy a delicious fried rice with all kinds of ingredients at Union Mall. I am sure that you will never forget the delicious taste of this dish.

7. Fried squid

Squid eggs are fried carefully and it is very crunchy. The fried squid also has a simple method. Firstly, the squid is cut into small slices then covered with a layer of flour. After that, it is fried until squids change into yellow. Squids are eaten enclose with the sauce. You can enjoy this dish at Chatuchak market at weekend.

8. Coconut Cream

At Chatuchak Market, you will not miss the coconut cream. This cream is put in half a small coconut then covered with peanuts, coconut rice, and some jelly. This dish attracts customers because of its taste of cream mixed with attractive flavor from the other ingredients.

9. Fish cake

Unlike Vietnamese fish cake, Thai fish cake has a passionate taste of aroma curry. Fishes are available then the sellers knead into the circle and drop it into the pan until the fishes are ripe. Fishes are served with tomato ketchup and chili sauce. It attracts many customers. You can enjoy this dish at Pratunam Market or Chatuchak Market.

10. Fried chicken

Getting to Bangkok you do not have to visit fast food restaurants that can enjoy fried chicken at the street stalls. In particular, visitors can choose the chicken that they want to eat and the sellers will fried right for you.

11. Som Tam

Som Tam is a papaya salad of Thai with a sweet, sour, and spicy taste of most Thai dishes. Som Tam is made from unripe papaya mixed with dried shrimp, peanuts, chili, sugar, garlic, lemon, fish sauce, and tomato. Most visitors are also a big fan of this dish.

12. Mango sticky rice

Mango sticky rice is the most famous dessert dish of Thailand. mango sticky rice has the main ingredients including ripe mango, sticky rice, and coconut milk. Thanks to that, the dish has beautiful color and attracts visitors. You can easily find this dish at the roadside stalls with prices ranging from 60 - 150 baht.

13. Grilled Squid

Grilled squid is a popular dish that can be found in many Asian cities like Seoul, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, and Bangkok. Grilled Thai style is very simple with the sweetness of the squad along with a little spicy of chilis. It makes people have a special feeling.

14. Thai Fried Eggs

Thai fried eggs are quite sophisticated, the seller usually put meat in the middle of the egg and slowly pack the eggs into a square. After that, the seller often uses a knife or scissors to cut into small pieces. Although it is quite spicy, its taste is very delicious.

15. Crepes

Although Bangkok is famous for many local dishes, no one thinks that it is also famous for crepes desserts. Spending only 60 baht, you have a crepe cake with Nutella jam, fresh cream, and fruits.

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