Indochina Expeditions: Where to Go After Ho Chi Minh City?

Ho Chi Minh is considered as a must-visit destination for tourists in their tours to Southern Vietnam thanks to its modern western lifestyle and a wide range of important historical and cultural sites of the country. Many visitors always wonder if it is worth taking a few extra trips after their visit to this city. If you do as well, then my post will help you to figure out some best options for your Indochina Holiday Packages.

Chau Doc

Situated on the border with Cambodia, Chau Doc will be an interesting stopover when travelling to the 2 countries, where you will have a chance to come closer to the simple and peaceful life of local people on Mekong Delta. Once setting foot on this city, you will be amazed by its tranquil countryside scenery with immense lush rice paddies and rustic villages. Furthermore, the trip to Chau Doc will offer you the opportunity to learn more about Buddhism in Vietnam thanks to a wide range of temples and pagodas, especially the most sacred one locating on the Sam Mountain. Once climbed to the mountain's top, you will be able to witness a stunning panorama over Cambodia. Chau Doc is also the ideal place to experience homestays in Mekong River and visit some Cham villages to learn more about culture and local customs in Mekong Delta.

Phnom Penh

This is definitely the place to be after Ho Chi Minh City. Considered as “the Pearl of Asia” back in 1920s, this charming French-built city will surely be worth visiting for worldwide architecture, history and culture adventurers. After embarking one of the best luxury vessels on Mekong River the Jayavarman Cruise or Mekong Princess Cruise and enjoying their impeccable luxury services, you will reach the kingdom of various incredible things - Phnom Penh. A not-to-be-missed attraction in Phnom Penh should be the Royal Palace and Silver Pagoda – symbols of the country, which will offer you the chance to admire a unique architectural complex of Khmer people. You might find it interesting to pay a visit to Independence Monument, locating at the heart of the city, to check-in and observe Phnom Penh’s bustling traffic scene moving around you. For those who are interested in Cambodia’s terrific history in Khmer Rouge’s period, some short tours to The Killing Field and the Tuol Sleng Genoside Museum should not be skipped. What is more, if you have time, spending 1 or 2 nights extra here will be a great idea, which will guarantee you many exciting spots such as the night markets, the National Museum and many unique Temples lying in the outskirt of Phnom Penh.

Siem Reap

What an idea that after spending some days exploring the bustling Ho Chi Minh City then cruising on the majestic Mekong River on one of the best Ho Chi Minh to Siem Reap Cruises to the home of ancient Buddhist temples and historical sites. Undoubtedly, whenever reminding to this city, you might think about the Angkor Complex, a national icon as well as one of the greatest and most recognizable architectural masterpieces in the world. There, you will be surprised at any religious details on the walls as well as mysterious statues in the complex. It is also a good chance to take some great photos of the complex to capture a highlight journey during your Indochina Tour Packages.

Mui Ne

After Ho Chi Minh, why don’t we take a trip to one of the most charming beaches in Vietnam for a few days? Located just 180km east of Ho Chi Minh City, Mui Ne is sure the place to be after days exploring Ho Chi Minh City. Widely well-known for its white-sanded beaches and a large number of entertaining activities, Mui Ne attracts millions of domestic and international tourists each year, especially the ones from Ho Chi Minh City. Besides, you may be attracted by Red Sand Dunes – the highlight in Mui Ne – ideal place to hunt for the most breathtaking photos in Vietnam and experience firsthand the sand cars. Moreover, you can visit many other exciting spots such as Fish Sauce Plants, Fairy Stream, Po Sha Inu, Mui Ne Market etc.

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