Ten Interesting Things about Cambodia

Which architectural site is featured on Cambodia’s national flag?

That is Angkor Wat, the symbol of Cambodia as well as Cham culture. The temple, which was constructed in 35 years by 5 million tons of stone and set on Cambodia’s National flag in 1850, is the pride of the country.

What was Capital City of Cambodia renowned?

Phnom Penh is the biggest city as well as capital city of Cambodia. It was renowned as “Asia Pearl” dating back in 1920s. Phnom Penh, featured in Indochina Tour Packages, is also one of 2 most attractive cities to tourists (together with Siem Reap) thanks to its unique combination of French and Khmer architecture.

Which religion was Angkor Wat built for?

At first, Angkor Wat was located inside an architectural complex of Khmer Empire and built for Hinduism.

What do Angkor Pilgrims often leave at the bottom of Buddha Statue?

 Lotus flowers, a beautiful and peaceful symbol of Buddhism

The Truth about the giant catfish in Mekong River

The giant catfish in Cambodia is a very rare species which is at the edge of extinction. In spite of its incredible huge size (length up to 3 meters), not so many people know that this fish does not even have teeth, it only eats plants and alga. Once traveling with Mekong River Cruises, you might see one if you are lucky.

How will Tonle Sap be like in rain season?

Tonle Sap, a complex of rivers and lakes, plays an important role to Cambodia. This is also known as the biggest fresh water lake in Asia, and recognized as World Biosphere Reserve in 1997. One ridiculous thing is that the Tonle Sap Rivers do not flow into Mekong River in rain season, they flow back to the lake, making the lake larger and larger.

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Which kind of clothes does the Sampot made from?

Sampot is made of silk and considered as the traditional clothes of Cambodian people.

What is the main ingredient of the famous Prahok?

Just like the other sauces in Asia, the famous Prohok of Cambodia is made of fish. Fishes are chosen and washed carefully, then placed in a salt vase for months.

Which currency does Cambodia use?

The official currency in this country is Riel, but it is mostly used in small business, light meals, giving away to beggars etc. US Dollar is the most common currency here.

Which is the official language in Cambodia?

Khmer is the official language here. Besides, Cambodian Government also allow citizens to use 2 popular language - English and French to attract business and tourists to the country.

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