Bagan and the Not – To – Be – Missed Temples

Discovering temples is the must do activities of every tours in Bagan. Apart from the most famous constructions like Ananda temple or Htilominlo temple, the ancient city still has so many secrets that have not yet been revealed. Here are some buildings you should not miss when in Bagan. 

1. Gawdawpalin Temple

Being one of the largest buildings in the temples plain of Bagan, Gawdawpalin Pahto is a not – to – be – missed building in the ancient city. The temple has 2 stories with the height of 180 feet (55m) containing 3 terraces in the lower part and 4 ones in the upper. Inside Gawdawpalin temple placed some notable Buddhist images and Nat spirit statues. 

 2. Pahtothamya Temple

Lies to the west of Thatbyinnyu and Nathlaung Kyaung temples, Pahtothamya temple is one of the oldest temple in Bagan. This structure only has 1 storey bearing the architecture of Pyu culture with the fairy dark interior. The light only goes through the small perforated windows. Pahtothamya temple is believed to build in the ruling of King Sawlu. It now contains some Buddha statues and valuable mural paintings. 

3. Nat Taung Kyaung Monastery

Unlike other brick temples, the monasteries in Myanmar are mainly built by wood. And one of the typical ones is the Nat Taung Kyaung monastery in Bagan. The construction is famous for its sophisticated wood – carvings which bears high artistic value. It was completed in 18th century composing 2 towers with multi tired roofs. The monastery is now the school and residence for novices and monks. Coming here, tourists will not only have a great opportunity to admire the elaborate wood designs but also find peace in your mind.

4. Shinbinthalyaung Temple 

The temple is the home of the gigantic reclining Buddha image of 18m long in Bagan which dated back to the 11th century. The construction bears the unusual design of a rectangular structure having only one narrow passageway around the statue. The Buddha image is lying on the massive pedestal with the right hand support the cheek which is said to be the dying and sleeping posture in the Buddhism.

5. Nanpaya Temple

The unique and interesting structure of Nanpaya temple is one of the must see monuments in your Bagan travel. It is a Hindu temple which has the different design and decorations from other constructions in the ancient city. Although this building is not the biggest or the most magnificent temples of Bagan, it features some of the most beautiful stone carvings with the interesting stories behind that artworks. 

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