Things You Should Know Before Travelling to Myanmar

Endowed with picturesque natural landscapes and majestic religious constructions, Myanmar is the precious gem of the Southeast Asia. Although the country was suffered in the dictatorship for decades, it is more open for the tourists now. It will be easier to know something about the country you want to come before departure in order to avoid some awkward situations. Here are some handy tips for you for a memorable trip to this beautiful country.

1. Passport & Visa

To enter Myanmar, the passport has to be valid for at least 6 months so make sure yours is still legit before departure.

The procedure to get a visa in Myanmar is quite easy through the E visa system launched by the Myanmar’s ministry of Immigration and Population in 2014. With $50 US and several steps on the website, citizens of over 100 countries will have an e visa for themselves. 3 days after requesting, a visa letter will be sent to your email. You just need to print it out and show to the immigration staffs.

If the e visa doesn’t work for you, the tourist visa is always available in every Burmese consulate. E visa and tourist visa are all valid for 28 days and cannot be extended.  

2. Currency and Money Exchange

The main local currency of Burma is kyat. You can also use US dollar for accommodation and entrance fee or in restaurants and some means of transport but all the other things like street food or souvenirs are paid in kyat.

You should bring brand new dollar bills or at least unmarked notes to spend in Myanmar because the country has pretty strict law on it. Furthermore, the ATMs are now available in the country but only in some popular tourist attractions. You should exchange you money at banks and airports for the best rates.

3. Accommodation

The price for hotels in Myanmar is pricey in comparison to that in the neighbor countries due to the lack of accommodations. Expecting to pay 25 USD or more for a standard room with minimum amenities and the price even goes higher with the luxurious hotels. In some popular places like Yangon or Mandalay, the hotels are booked in advance for at least a month.

4. Weather

Most of the parts in Myanmar have the tropical climate with the high average temperature and seasonal downpours. The best time to travel to Myanmar is from November to February which is also the peak tourist season with the moderate temperature and less chance of raining.

Or you may want to come in the festival time of the country when the most colorful parades and vibrant ceremonies take place. Here is the list of 5 most incredible festivals of Myanmar for you to choose to create your own dream trip.

5. Clothing

Bring light clothes for the hot weather of Myanmar. However, conservative attires should be in your luggage as well owing to the strict dress codes in the holy sites of the country. Always cover your heels and shoulders when visiting every temple, monastery and pagoda. Socks and shoes are not allowed too so that slippers are the wise choose. Burmese people are very religious so if you don’t follow these rules, you may get in some serious troubles.  

If you are planning to travel to this golden land, Burma Tour Packages will be your most helpful guide.

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