The Reasons You Should Travel to Myanmar

Myanmar - the "Golden Temple" country of Asia, where there are many ancient temples, gentle hospitable people with the unique customs of ethnic identity. Therefore, Myanmar is a "hot" tourist destination today. Come to Myanmar, you can relax, discover and experience the mystery, sacred places here. There are a lot of questions as to why the land is so popular, what makes Myanmar tourism develop so fast? This article is sharing why you should come to Myanmar once in a lifetime. The sacred land of Burmese temple architecture is the aspiration of many Buddhists. There are more than 4,000 thousand large and small pagodas with majestic, magnificent architecture in Bagan, Yangon, etc. Here are some examples of Buddhist culture, including the famous Shwedagon Pagoda where holding the important treasures of Buddhism. In addition, there is the sacred stone Golden Rock lying on the high stone and legendary expiration about it. Travel to Myanmar, you will feel the peace of mind, admire the Buddhist country in the afternoon when dusk falls down, hear the bells ringing and the chanting rhyme in many places.

Myanmar has many beautiful caves which received the privilege of nature. Myanmar has many large and mysterious natural caves. So many visitors are eager to come here to explore them. Many caves in Myanmar are not in the travel guide, so when you visit here, you have to ask the local people to find the way to the cave. The major caves of Myanmar are concentrated in the south, typically Pindaya cave. This is a large cave, located about 100km from Inle, it is a limestone cave and in the cave there are large and small Buddha statues that go through the historical periods 

Cuisine of Myanmar delicious. Burmese Culinary is a combination of a mixed culinary background, it combines Chinese, Thai and Indian cuisine. When you come here you will enjoy delicious food, characterized by reasonable prices suitable for everyone. Good food here includes Shan Bean, Myanmar curry served with sour mango, green peppers and mint leaves (Danbauk), Kat Kyi Hnyatn (Pad Thai style noodles, including rice noodles, Seafood, meat, bean sprouts and fried eggs).There are also many delicious dishes bearing the flavor of the country, difficult to find anywhere else in the world. 

It can be said that, like many Asian countries, Myanmar people are friendly. They are always happy to be friends, ready to help people in trouble in their own country. They are very interesting, always smiling and love to speak English with visitors. They are shy but very polite. Be open when getting acquainted, children here always crowded with tourists to babble to learn English, never ask for money from travelers. The customs of this place are also interesting, they only eat two meals a day and in their meals there is no shortage of shrimp. The people here say that if the meal lacks shrimp, they do not eat well. Besides they love nature, they like to raise birds, they always want to have a life of freedom and peace.

Myanmar now still has many mysteries that people in the world do not know, only the natives understand. Traveling to Myanmar, you will have the opportunity to reverse the timeline back to many years ago to explore the mountains, caves and ancient sites. In remote areas like the Shan Plateau, sparsely populated, they live peacefully in the plateau, with little contact with outsiders. In southern Myanmar there is a vast field of colorful statues, forested statues, etc. These are the things that make visitors question and want to explore it.

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