Top 10 Destinations in Laos in 2017

Laos is the only landlocked country in Southeast Asia. Laos borders Myanmar and China to the northwest, borders Vietnam to the east, borders Cambodia to the south, and borders Thailand to the west. The mysterious ancient capital, cave systems with a capacity of more than 23,000 people, the vertical airport… will bring tourists with new perspectives about the country of temples.

#1.Admiring the gilded Pha That Luang stupa

That Luang or (Pha) That Luang is a Buddhist stupa in Vientiane, built in 1566 under the reign of King Saysetthathirath in the form of a small bottle of wine on the ruins of an Indian temple in the 13th century. The exterior of the temple is inlaid with gold.
Top 10 Destinations in Laos in 2017
Admiring the gilded Pha That Luang stupa
This temple tower was once destroyed during the invasion of Thais in the 19th century but was later restored to the original version. With the architecture of Laos culture and identity, the temple tower has become a national symbol of Laos when being printed on banknotes and the national emblem.

According to legend, the tower has preserved the Buddha’s relics, which are a hair and a lot of jewels. Pha That Luang includes the main tower of 45 meter high surrounded by sub-towers which are red lacquer trimmed with gold.

#2.Bokeo Nature Reserve, the ideal ecotourism location

Top 10 Destinations in Laos in 2017
Bokeo Nature Reserve, the ideal ecotourism location
This is a place where has almost all rare animals, the green canopy of tropical forest cover, rich fauna. Most importantly, tourists coming here have opportunities to live in the houses on the tree, experience the feeling of traveling to houses by cables or walk on the “monkey” bridges (kind of footbridge). It is this unique wildness that has made Bokeo Nature Reserve become an impressive adventurous tourist attraction in Laos.

#3.Tham Kong Lo Cave, the most gruesome and interesting site in Laos

Top 10 Destinations in Laos in 2017
Tham Kong Lo Cave
Located in the area where has Nam Hun Bun river flows through 7km and cliffs of more than 90m high, Tham Kong Lo cave is extremely mysterious and equally creepy. The inside of the cave consists of the oldest stalactite columns. It is pretty dark in the cave, so when planning to travel Tham Kong Lo, you should fully recharge the battery and ask the indigenous people or tour guide to help you explore the cave.

#4.Visiting the worldwide famous Kuang Si Waterfall

Top 10 Destinations in Laos in 2017
Kuang Si Waterfall
Considered as one of the world's most beautiful waterfalls, Kuang Si is only about 50 meters wide and pours down from above creating the stairs separating natural wonderful swimming pools. The lakes created by this waterfall are turquoise, so visitors can swim and feel the pristine, cool feature of the mountains here. With the unique and enchanting beauty, Kuang Si This waterfall is one of the impressive tourist destinations of Laos that you can not miss when visiting this country of elephants.

#5.Vieng Xai tunnel - impressive historical site

Viengxay caves, formerly known as Xang Lot, in Laotian, means an elephant passing and falling into a cave. This is a system of nearly 500 caves in Viengxay, in the mountainous area in the north of the Kingdom of Laos.
Top 10 Destinations in Laos in 2017
Vieng Xai Tunnel
In times of war, this was the place where a lot of important meetings of Pathet army were held, and also the hideout of the revolutionaries in the American army’s air strikes during Vietnam War. With a capacity of about 23,000 people and the system of stores, print shops, schools and hospitals in time of war, this cave has always made people admire. Today, it is considered as the "gold mine" of tourism in Laos.

Besides the feeling adventurous or exploring the unique features in the lives of people during the war, or conquering 7 of 500 caves, tourists can admire the beauty of the mountains in Viengxay or admire beautiful the serene picture of the roofs reflected in the river at the foot of the mountain.

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#6.Visiting Mekong River

Top 10 Destinations in Laos in 2017
Sunset in Mekong River- Laos
Mekong River is about 4.350km long and is the largest river in Southeast Asia. The river is originated from China and goes through 5 countries in the region including Laos. If you travel to Laos in the dry season, you can drift along the Mekong to admire the beautiful natural landscapes along the river banks from Huay Xai to Luang Prabang. Tourists can also go further to look at the river through the dense forest. Enjoying the Mekong River is one of the exciting experiences as well as an impressive tourist attraction that visitors should not ignore.

#7.Luang Prabang- the impressive tourist destination

Luang Prabang is one of the favorite destinations in Laos of travelers visiting the country. Surrounded by rolling mountains, located at the junction of the Mekong and with Nam Khan, Luang Prabang owns the majestic natural landscapes which are not faded by the time. Apart from that, Luang Prabang has preserved ancient temples despite many ups and downs in the history.
Top 10 Destinations in Laos in 2017
Tak Bat in Luang Prabang
If you arrive at Bang Luang in March and April, you also have the opportunity to attend a traditional water festival that Laotians call “Bunpimay”. Bun means blessing, the blessing to be blessed. It is considered as one of the traditional cultural festivals in the Southeast Asian countries in general. The Water Festival to welcome the New Year are hold to bring cool, prosperity for all things and to purify human life. In the festival, people splash water on each other to pray for good weather and a happy new year.
The houses, villas or hotels in Luang Prabang are the exquisite combinations between French architecture and traditional Laotian style. All create a both modern and ancient beauty. It is this unique that makes Luang Prabang become not only an impressive attraction in Laos but also a charming tourist destination in Southeast Asia.

#8.Vang Vieng, the ideal location for backpackers

This is a small town located along the Nam Song River and is considered " the paradise for discovering " of those who love to conquer the rapids in the world. At this point, you should rent a bike and take a trip through the ancient caves. Visiting the ancient villages and learning the culture of the people here are also interesting activities.
Top 10 Destinations in Laos in 2017
Morning view in Vang Vieng - Laos
Coming to Vang Vieng, you should not miss the sunset and sunrise on the Nam Song River, these scenes have made Vang Vieng an ideal destination for young backpackers who love the peace and quietness of Laos.

#9.Mountains Tourist attractions in Laos - Muang Ngoi Neua

Top 10 Destinations in Laos in 2017
Muang Ngoi Neau - The mountain tourist attractions in Laos.
After only an hour traveling upstream the River in northern Luang Prabang, visitors will admire the spectacular mountain scenery. With rolling mountains surrounding and the river with sediment, Muang Ngoi Neua town becomes incredibly peaceful. If you are a person who loves climbing and walking, this is surely the destination that should not be ignored.

#10.Discovering the beauty of Si Phan Don (4000 islands)

Top 10 Destinations in Laos in 2017
The 4000 islands in Mekong - Si Phan Don - Laos
As a vast archipelago with Mekong River flowing through, Si Phan Don has a total of 4000 big and small islands. This place is considered one the largest islands located at the southernmost of Laos. Despite being a landlocked country, the mother nature bestows a Laos the ravishing Si Phan Don. With cool blue waters and the winding waterfall, visitors will feel like that they are separated from the outside world. These small islands emerge as the bonsai on the calm river surface. This is also the habitat of famous freshwater dolphins.

The unspoiled and peaceful country of Laos is the place which attracts millions of visitors around the world each year. With the ancient architecture of the unique Buddhist works across the country and the pristine natural beauty, Laos will surely give you the experiences which you can not forget. Followings are the destinations you must visit in the country of elephants.

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