Trang Islands -The Secret Paradise In southern Thailand

Trang province is located in the south of Thailand. Trang islands system is a combination of a wide variety of beautiful islands and the blue sea. The complex of islands attracts tourists by pristine beaches, spectacular landscapes and vast forests. Here are the most famous islands in Trang province.

Ko Ngai

Trang Islands -The Secret Paradise In southern Thailand

Ko Ngai does not have permanent inhabitants. There are only tourists and a series of affordable resorts. The island attracts many couples and families coming to relax and entertain. The infrastructure here is still relatively simple. This island provides visitors with electricity all day. This island has a beautiful beach with colorful coral reefs and fish. On the island, there are some snorkeling classes. Therefore, you can easily watch the ocean world.

Ko Muk

Trang Islands -The Secret Paradise In southern Thailand

Ko Muk is most visited place in Trang Islands. With more affordable accommodations, this place attracts many young travelers. Thick forests, rubber trees and white beaches are enough to make up beautiful sceneries and exciting excursions. Most tourists love to come to the Hat Farang beach in the southwest. The Hat Sivalai beach in the East of Ko Muk, and Hat Lodung in the west attract fewer tourists. Besides beautiful beaches, Ko Muk also stands out with Tham Morakot. Guests can paddle along a limestone tunnel through the semi-submerged cave on the west coast to reach a small sandy beach. You can also participate in a daily tour. You can sail a boat or go by canoe in the romantic sunset. About accommodation, you can choose Sivalai luxury resort, or enjoy Koh Mook Garden Resort in Hat Lodung.

Ko Kradan

Trang Islands -The Secret Paradise In southern Thailand

Ko Kradan is located in the southwest of Ko Muk. It is viewed as the place having the most beautiful sky on Trang islands. As part of the Hat Chao Mai National Park, Ko Kradan owns a white sand beach stretching along the east coast. You will totally enjoy this 1.5 km long coastline, although during the day, it has a huge number of visitors. However, if you take time to walk about 400 meters from the south to Paradise Lost, you can see a forest road leading to some less crowded beaches. After walking about 10 minutes, you will reach the diving area outside Hat South. Motels in Paradise Lost forest are woody cottages with delicious Thai dishes. Guests can also stay at Reef Resort and Sevensea Resort.

Ko Sukorn

Trang Islands -The Secret Paradise In southern Thailand

Visitors who like trails in Thailand will want to set foot on the island of Ko Sukorn. It is also the less well-known place in the island of Trang. Away from Ko Kradan 40 km to the southeast, Ko Sukorn is pretty quiet, isolated and healthy. The golden sands and clear blue sea waters make up the colorful beauty. Especially, this island is not crowded. The 8 km concrete path in the hill is very convenient for you to discover interesting things here. Moreover, you also can rent bikes or motorbikes in most of resorts to explore villages, rice fields, watermelon gardens and many other beautiful destinations. The resorts are concentrated in the southwest beach of Sukorn because this is a great place to catch the most beautiful sunset and sunrise. With good hotel services, you will feel totally relaxed and comfortable.

Ko Libong

Trang Islands -The Secret Paradise In southern Thailand

This is the largest island here. Ko Libong is located in the middle of an enormous forest, rubber trees and a golden sandy beach. However, this island does not attract many tourists as other islands. Coming to Ko Libong is very easy, just 30 minutes by boat from Hat Yao beach. Libong is an island for those who love nature. This place is famous for birds and nearly 100 dugons and other rare species. In order to admire these animals, you can choose a tour given by the resort. Most noticeably, you can choose from a cheap hotel to a luxury hotel at Libong Beach Resort.

Travelers are advised to visit Trang islands from October to April because of its favorable weather. It has less rain and the sun is not too strong. Trang islands will be an ideal place for those who love peace and want to explore beautiful landscapes. From here, visitors can have many ways to travel to other small islands such as Lanta, Ko Phi-Phi and Phuket in the north. It is obvious that Trang islands will give you the most relaxing time ever if you travel to Southern Thailand.

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