Da Nang travel guides

Da Nang is Vietnam's third largest city which is located on the Eastern Sea coast, midway between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. The city itself has neither the atmosphere of Hanoi nor the hustle-bustle of Ho Chi Minh City, but has its own beauty and breathtaking tourist attractions. Especially, Da Nang is an ancient land, closely related with the Sa Huynh cultural traditions. Danang has other various interesting attractions such as Ba Na Tourist Resort, Ngu Hanh Son (Marble Mountains) as well as the Linh Ung Pagoda, Han River, and My An, Non Nuoc beaches and so on

1. Non Nuoc Beach

Non Nuoc Beach in Da Nang takes up five kilometres of Hoa Hai Ward’s coastline, featuring soft white sands, a gentle slope, unpolluted water and beautiful waves all year long. Widely regarded as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, not only can visitors do plenty of sightseeing and leisure activities, they also can enjoy delicious local seafood dishes at many beachfront restaurants. If you’re looking to surf during your holiday in Da Nang, the best time to visit Non Nuoc Beach is between the months of April and September, when the wave angles are optimum and average water temperatures are between 25°C and 28°C. Noticeably, there are many lessons for inexperienced visitors to learn surfing. In addition, offering breath-taking views of the Son Tra Peninsula and Marble Mountains, Non Nuoc Beach is a good destination for those who are looking to soak up the sun and escape the busy streets.

2. Son Tra (Monkey) Mountain

Son Tra (Monkey) Mountain is a breath-taking national park in Da Nang that stands 693 metres above sea level. It’s a 35-minute drive from Da Nang. It is a popular tourist attraction among local and overseas visitors who are looking to escape the annoying heat and busy traffic of the city. Locally known as the Son Tra Peninsula, the verdant mountain is also surrounded by pristine beaches such as Bai Bac, Bai Nam, Bai But, and Tien Sa Beach. The winding and inclining roads surrounding the mountain are a popular place for motorcycling. It takes about four hours of moderate hiking from Bai Bac Beach to the mountain summit. Meanwhile, hiking enthusiasts can enjoy the verdant jungle trails and also see many rare species. Son Tra is an ideal site of yellow beaches, historical remains, original forests, rare birds and animal species. It is home to around 1000 different plants, 287 animals and 15 rare species which need to be preserved.

3. Dragon Bridge

Dragon Bridge in Da Nang is the longest bridge in Vietnam, offering a dazzling display of lights, fire, and water. Measuring at 666 metres in length, it is located in Da Nang City and constructed in the shape of a golden dragon. The six-lane bridge crosses the Han River, serving as direct routes to My Khe Beach and Non Nuoc Beach. Dragon Bridge was officially opened in 2013 after a two-year construction, commemorating the 38th anniversary of Da Nang City’s liberation. According to local beliefs, which date back to the Ly Dynasty, the dragon is a significant symbol of power, nobility and good fortunes. While it is a magnificent sight at any time of the day, Dragon Bridge is particularly outstanding in the evening because it is illuminated with colorful LED lights. Moreover, there are also plenty of riverfront bars, restaurants, and cafes offering terrace seats that overlook this Vietnam’s longest bridge. Da Nang is a beautiful place and the bridge adds identity to the city which also develops the economy and tourism

Known as one of the twenty cleanest cities in the world and the most livable city in Vietnam, Da Nang is a destination that every visitor simply cannot afford to miss. Danang is one of the most interesting places that attracts a huge number of travelers to Vietnam and creates a great image of a peaceful, romantic and incredible city in the visitors ‘mind.

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