The pristine and mesmerizing beauty of Mondulkiri, Cambodia

Located in the west of Cambodia, Mondulkiri Province is endowed with the exotic beauty of primeval jungles, green hills and majestic waterfalls. It is considered as a new paradise of adventure tourism in Cambodia with a variety of interesting experiences. Now let’s discover top destinations and things to do in Mondulkiri with this article!

1. Boo Sra Waterfall

Lying in the Pich Chinda District, 43km from the town, Boo Sra is the most beautiful waterfall in Mondulkiri. It is divided into 3 main segments of which the third one is the most dangerous because of the torrent, forest and wild animals.
The pristine and mesmerizing beauty of Mondulkiri, Cambodia
Boo Sra Waterfall - a masterpiece of Cambodian nature
However, the other segments are always crowded with tourists owing to its magnificent beauty. Many visitors praise it as a masterpiece of nature due to its charm blending with surrounding landscapes.

2. Sen Monorum Waterfall

5km from Sen Monorum Town, this waterfall is really a tourist attraction of Mondulkiri Province. To come here, travelers must pass a road lined with vast forests of rubber, coffee, cashew… In contrast with the peace and quiet of Sen Monorum Town, the waterfall brings tourists totally different feelings with the majestic beauty.

The pristine and mesmerizing beauty of Mondulkiri, Cambodia
Sen Monorum Waterfall - The paradise of adventure tourism in Mondulkiri
Surroundings are the immense and open space where tourists can relax, admire the view and enjoy the fresh air. Furthermore, climbing the mountains, conquering the waterfall, bathing in streams and relaxing are available activities for visitors.

If backpackers visit Sen Monorum on the occasion of festivals, they will have the opportunity to join unique cultural rituals.

3. Rum Near Waterfall

This is a new destination of Mondulkiri in Cambodia, 12km from the central area of the town. The waterfall possessing both the poetic beauty and a little mysteriousness attracts a lot of tourists to explore.

The pristine and mesmerizing beauty of Mondulkiri, Cambodia
Rum Near Waterfall boasts its majesty amidst nature
Surrounded by green jungles and stacked huge stones, Rum Near Waterfall pouring down creates a beautiful lake with emerald green water.

Just come to Rum Near Waterfall and enjoy the majesty of natural landscapes, you will escape from your daily life with hectic schedules.

4. Mondulkiri pine forest

Another destination chosen by many tourists in Mondulkiri is the poetic pine forest. Despite being a wilderness (6km from Sen Monorum Town), this place still leaves unforgettable impressions on tourists. This pine forest lies on a hill covered by a green color of pine trees, especially old trees.

The pristine and mesmerizing beauty of Mondulkiri, Cambodia
The charming beauty of Mondulkiri pine forest
Visiting Mondulkiri pine forest, travelers can rest under the shadow of trees, listen to the melodious tunes, enjoy cool air and taste famous specialties of locals. Mondulkiri pine forest is also a source of inspiration of photographers when they come and immerse in the beauty of nature here.

5. Phnom Prich Wildlife Sanctuary

Phnom Prich Wildlife Sanctuary is a quite famous tourist spot in Mondulkiri with the area of 225,000 hectares. It is regarded as a conservation area of wild animals including endangered species. Among them, Asian elephant is the kind of animals carefully protected with the largest number of elephants in the east of Cambodia.

The pristine and mesmerizing beauty of Mondulkiri, Cambodia
Asian elephants are protected in Phnom Prich Wildlife Sanctuary
Besides animals, this place is also a colorful forest with winding rivers, impressive moments of the sunrise and sunset. I believe that you will be so surprised at the vividness and authenticity of the natural picture in Phnom Prich Sanctuary.

Gorgeous, quiet but full of interesting things, Mondulkiri should be a must-see place in your journey to the country of temples. Let’s go now and have fun!

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