The irresistible attraction of Champasak, Laos

Being a large province in southwest Laos, Champasak has abundant resources of forest, delta and plateau. The soil is fertile, which is favorable for agricultural development. Therefore, this place is considered one of the biggest garners of Laos. Besides, this province also has the potential to develop tourism with many famous landscapes like Wat Phou, Khone Phapheng Waterfall…Follow me now to know what makes Champasak attractive in tourists’ eyes.

1. Wat Phou – the World Cultural Heritage

Wat Phou is the most ancient temple in Laos, recognized as the World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 2011. It is estimated to be built in the 5th century, having served as a center of Hinduism and worshipping Shiva. This temple is also called “Mountain Temple” since it is located at the foot of Phou Kao Mountain, 670km south of Vientiane.
The irresistible attraction of Champasak, Laos
Wat Phou – a famous World Cultural Heritage in Champasak
The remnants indicate that Wat Pho has been an important religious architectural complex over a period of 1000 years of history. This is where Lao cultural and historical values are kept. The main gate and the front of the temple are in ruins now, but it’s still possible for us to observe the imprint of bas-reliefs carved with the image of Hindu Gods.

Wat Pho is the top tourist attraction in the country of a million elephants. Many visitors come here to go sightseeing and pray. This old temple brings not only the magnificence of a unique architectural structure but also sacred spiritual values.

2. Khone Phapheng Waterfall – the most beautiful waterfall in Laos

Dubbed “Niagara Waterfall of Asia”, Khone Phapheng is really a destination that cannot be missed in your trip to Champasak. With the length of 12km, it is known as the largest waterfall of Southeast Asia, having an enormous amount of water full of alluvium.
The irresistible attraction of Champasak, Laos
The magnificence of Khone Phapheng Waterfall - Niagara of Asia
In the rainy season, the waterfall flows swiftly and the water rises, which makes Khone Phapheng extend by 10km. If tourists visit this waterfall in the dry season, they must feel overwhelmed by the spectacular beauty of landscapes around. Torrents, whirlpools and craggy rapids – if you see all of them, you will understand why this waterfall is compared with Niagara Waterfall – the masterpiece of nature.

3. Paksong – The peaceful town

Like Da Lat City of Vietnam, Paksong Town has cool climate all year round, being an ideal place for those are seeking the sense of tranquility. Paksong is well-known for many nice waterfalls of which Tad Yueng and Tad Fane are the most famous.
The irresistible attraction of Champasak, Laos
Paksong with the tranquility and romantic beauty
Since Paksong is surrounded by immense forests, there is no other sound here but the sound of waterfall pouring down. Lovely houses, quiet, poetic and romantic beauty of Paksong are enough to make people absolutely relaxed.

4. Bolaven Plateau

Cool climate, fertile soil, Bolaven Plateau in Paske Town is the land of tea, coffee, rubber farms in Laos. Traveling around villages of this plateau, tourists will be happy due to friendliness and hospitability of Lao people.
The irresistible attraction of Champasak, Laos
Waterfalls on Bolaven Plateau are irresistible
Bolaven Plateau possesses the picturesque landscapes created by gorgeous waterfalls. The pristine and charming scenery here is the reason why it attracts a large number of visitors every year.

So if you intend to visit only Vientiane, Luang Prabang or Savannakhet…in Laos, please spend more time coming to Champasak to have a perfect trip in the country of a million elephants. Trust me! You won’t regret of your decision because Champasak is really a place deserved to discover.

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