Have a memorable visit to Ayutthaya – the former capital of Thailand

Ayutthaya - the former capital of the Kingdom of Thailand, is an impregnable fortress and the place where imprints of an eventful past are kept. With over 300 temples, gold-plated stupas and splendid sculptures, Ayutthaya is known as the land of Buddhism in Thailand. Take a look at some must-see destinations in this ancient city with our suggestions below.

1. Bang Pa In Summer Palace

60km north of Bangkok, Bang Pa In Summer Palace is the famous Royal Palace of the former capital Ayutthaya. This complex used to serve as the retreat of Thai Royal family in the summer.
The overview of Bang Pa In Summer Palace
The surrounding scenery is as pretty as a picture. The whole palace is surrounded by a poetic vast lake. Stepping into this place, tourists will feel all tension is completely dispelled.

With the mixed architecture of Western and Eastern style, Bang Pa In Summer Palace comprises outstanding buildings like a Thai style castle called Phra Thinang Aisawan Thippa-at, a two-floor building with Western design called Phra Thinang Warophat Phiman. Besides, there is a structure with Chinese architecture (Phra Thinang Wehat Chamrun) and a bridge in Greek architecture.

2. Wat Mahathat

This is not the most beautiful temple but the most sacred religious site in Thailand. Wat Mahathat is a big temple of Ayutthaya, built in 1374 and completed under the reign of Ramesuan King. In front of the entrance, there are a lot of tuk-tuks – the characterized vehicle of Ayutthaya.

The stone Buddha head embraced by the cluster of tree roots in Wat Mahathat
Inside the campus, the main temple is large with numerous stupas near red brick walls in ruins. Along the walls are stone pedestals with damaged Buddha statues above. Especially, the most attractive thing in Wat Mahathat is a stone Buddha head embraced by the cluster of roots of an old tree, which creates a vivid and weird scene.

3. Wat Phanangchoeng Worawihan

This temple is really a fascinating destination in Thailand. It was constructed before Ayutthaya became the capital of the country, being the most sacred temple in this province.

There is a flower garden with a gorgeous water fountain in front of the main gate. Visitors coming here often take some photo in this place.

The big Buddha statue in Wat Phanangchoeng Worawihan
In the temple, the Buddha statue called “Phrachao Phanangchoeng” boasts the magnificent beauty. It is a giant statue, 19m in height and gold-plated.

4. Ayothaya Floating Market

Coming to Ayutthaya, you should spend time in Ayothaya Floating Market. It opens from 12.00 am to 8.00 p.m on Saturday and Sunday. With over 50 boats and 200 stores, this is an ideal shopping area for tourists. Clothes, food, crafts… All are available.
A part of Ayothaya Floating Market
Don’t forget to experience traditions, customs and habits of Thailand through games, performances and the life of locals.

5. Chao Sam Phraya National Museum

This two-floor museum possesses almost all artifacts excavated from Wat Ratchaburana and other temples in Ayutthaya. On the first floor, Buddha statues in various shapes, porcelain objects and antique bullets are displayed. The second floor is the exhibit place of golf ornaments, the coffin containing Buddha’s relics…

Chao Sam Phraya National Museum - Home of religious artifacts and art works in Ayutthaya
Besides, there are also religious artifacts, art works under the reign of many kings, the traditional house of Thais in the central region and some daily supplies of Rattanakosin Period.

The peaceful nature and a variety of religious architectures in Ayutthaya explain why this former capital is a tourist attraction in Thailand. Leaving the hustle and bustle of Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket, travelers probably look for the sense of tranquility in this Buddhism land. Come here and experience!

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