Enjoy an Excursion in “Halong Bay on Land” at Weekend

Located in the heart of Da River in Cao Phong District, Hoa Binh Province, Thung Nai is an ideal place for a short trip at weekend to enjoy the harmony of the water, mountains and gentle people.

The charming pier, the scenery of Thung Nai comes out as beautiful as a picture in front of your eyes. A large lake is surrounded by rolling mountains with hidden islands in the middle. That’s why Thung Nai is also known as "Ha Long Bay on land".

Located about 80 km from Hanoi, this is a place chosen by many travelers to avoid the heat of summer. You can send the vehicle at the pier and begin your excursion. Boat – renting services are quite diverse, some islands offer package services. In addition, you can also rent a boat to visit the sights. The price is at around 13 – 22 USD / boat depending on the number of destinations.

Windmill Island is a preferred choice of backpackers. This is one of the oldest accommodations, with beautiful views and not too far from the pier. Windmill Island is also considered a unique symbol of Thung Nai.

In addition, there is also the Coconut Island which is wider with the area of orchards. The stilt houses on the island are large enough to serve a large number of visitors every holiday season. However, because islands are located far away from land, so you need to book food and services with island owners in advance.

Coming to Thung Nai, the most interesting thing is to travel around Da River on boat. Cruising and watching the spectacular scenery of mountains, sometimes you see small islands, which look quite similar to the scene in Halong.

In summer, Trach spring is a special tourist attraction. It is the clear and cool spring water with charming natural scenery in the harmony of green trees.

Thung Nai has many small but peaceful villages. These households live mainly on feeding fish in the lake.

One of the special highlights of Thung Nai is the lake on the limestone mountain. Visitors must cross the narrow trails through the forest to reach the thick blue lake.

Dipping in the refreshing water is an interesting experience for anyone. Move carefully and require a life jacket when on the boat is something you should note during the journey.

Sunset on the water always bring about magical and spectacular scenery. Thung Nai will be an exciting option for visitors in this hot summer.

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