Enchanting Sunset in Van Long Natural Reserve, Ninh Binh

About 80km from Hanoi, Van Long lagoon located on the territory of 7 communes of Gia Vien district, Ninh Binh province. It is the ideal tourist destination on the weekends for young people and families.

Not a natural lagoon, it is formed in 1960 after dikes on the left bank of Day River are covered.

Being exploited for tourism since 1998, Van Long lagoon, however, are not as famous as Trang An or Tam Coc - Bich Dong. Therefore, it remains an unspoiled and tranquil beauty.

There are many beautiful caves exploited for tourism such as fish cave, Turtle cave ... However, during the rainy season, some caves are unable to visit due to high water level.

Known as "bay without waves", traveling to Van Long, tourists have chance to enjoy smooth feelings as the ferry woman gently moves the small boat across the water.

Egeria densa (Vietnamese: Rong duoi cho) is a variety of aquatics which grows most in the lagoon. This seaweed is very bitter, which is unable to be used as food for both human and fish. However, it has a great ability of filtering water, keeping water in Van Long lagoon always clear.

Van Long is a zone with a great area of biodiversity. Limestone mountains isolated in the center of the lagoon become a refuge for rare species of animals, avoiding the hands of human. In particular, it should be mentioned the population of white langurs with the numbers of more than 40 individuals - the largest in Vietnam recently. This is a species in danger of extinction, included in the World Red Book. Previously, they could only be found in Cuc Phuong National Park.

Reeds in the middle of the lagoon are where many birds nest. The best time of day to visit Van Long is in the late afternoon. At this time, the sun sets on the lagoon, creating dreaming and peaceful feelings. Van Long has many other rare species of plants and animals such as broadleaf tue, ma tien, iguana... The limestone mountains in the middle of the lagoon is home to many rare animal species.
Visiting Van Long at sunset, you may have chance to meet langurs swinging on branches or on limestone cliffs. But the most special thing is the sight of thousands of white storks flying to the shelter for night.

Before saying goodbye to Van Long, remember to return to the pier to thank gentle ferrywomen, and once again, feel the simplicity and sincerity of human and nature of the region

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