Must-know tips for traveling to Laos

Laos is commonly known as the country of Champa flower or the country of millions of elephants. These names reflect Lao wealthy culture and tradition. This poetic country is embellished by the Mekong as a precious jewelry attracting many visitors. 

Magnificent landscapes, ancient temples, vibrant festivals, unique cuisine, humorous and hospitable people… are advantages for Laos to be chosen as an ideal destination. Below are some tips for traveling to Laos that must be included in your list.

Traveling to Laos - an ideal choice for the journey in Southeast Asia


Lao climate has 2 distinct seasons: the rainy season is from June to September followed by a dry season from October to May. The ideal time for traveling to Laos is the dry season, however, the wet season is not a bad choice. The rain will appear in the afternoon and the remaining time will be full of sunshine. In addition, this is the time when motels and hotels will have attractive deals so that you can save some money when traveling to Laos.


The most popular means of transport in Laos is tuk-tuk and pickup truck. The schedules are available at the stop stations or on the website of travel companies. The charge is fixed for each journey. Please notice that the more passengers there are, the cheaper the cost is.

Tuk-tuk - a popular mode of transport in Laos
On joining transportation, do not honk noisily. The action is not forbidden, but it is considered impolite. Lao people think that the horn is the most redundant detail on a vehicle. They are self-conscious in traffic and hardly use the horn. A special feature of Lao traffic is that it only has a green light in one direction and the opposite direction is the red light. Therefore, if you notice that the opposite is on the move and you still keep running, you will be punished

Traveling to Laos in the festive season

Traveling to Laos during the Water festival is wonderful. The festival takes place from 13th to 15th April every year. It is the most vibrant in 2 cities Vang Vieng and Luang Prabang. Water festival attracts the participation of the whole community and expresses Laotians spiritual belief as well as hope for luck.

It's wonderful to travel to Laos at the time of Water Festival

Some customs and habits of Laotian

  • Laotians have Baci – a national custom of blessing. When they tie a thread of silk or cotton on your wrist, you should be happy about this because the purpose of the custom is to express the respect, the love and hospitality of the host and they want to keep good memories with you as well as pray for the development, progress in life. However, if you love those people here, you can also tie the threads on their wrist. According to their conception, during the ceremony, who were tied a lot of threads will receive much love and luck.
  • Traveling to Laos, you ought to remember that Laotians worship Buddhism. When visiting temples, you mustn't make noise, dress indecently or behave inappropriately. Don't turn your back on the Buddha statue or call each other in the temple.
  • Touching or rubbing other people's head (especially men) is considered not only a taboo but insult. In some cases, it can even lead to the affray.
  • Sleeping in natives' home, you mustn't turn your head toward the door. At night, barbering or shaving are also taboos. Don't barber your hair on Wednesday as well as shampoo on Thursday.

These above things are some useful tips for traveling to Laos. Note them down, follow and have a good journey to this country.

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