5 delicious foods of Lao cuisine you should not overlook

If you are about to visit Laos, besides wonderful landscapes, I will advise you not to overlook Lao cuisine. Why did I say so? 

With tourists around the world, Lao cuisine might not be appreciated in the culinary map of Southeast Asia. But there are still some impressive foods which make you desire whenever it comes to "The land of a million elephants". Now let's discover the delicacy of 5 famous dishes of Lao cuisine with this article.

Sticky rice (Khao niaw)

Rice is a food highly valued in Lao cuisine, especially sticky rice, although rice (Khao chao) and vermicelli rice (Khao poon) are also very popular in here. Family members in Laos often eat from a common bowl or each one a bowl. The sticky rice, however, is traditionally eaten by using fingers. While eating, the Laotians will hold sticky rice into small cubes, and then use them as spoons to dredge and herded food on the plate into the mouth or put into the sauce.

5 delicious foods of Lao cuisine you should not overlook
Sticky rice - The popular dish of Lao cuisine
The Phu Doi restaurant's chef (Deinla) in Luang Prabang has shared the secret to create the perfect sticky rice dish: "Sticky rice should be soaked overnight before use and then rinsed several times before being steamed in a bamboo basket". Besides, coming here, you'll have the chance to enjoy fascinating Khao Lam sticky rice (glutinous rice will be put inside a bamboo tube and roasted over the fire).


In Lao cuisine, laap means luck, symbolizing wishes for peace. Raw materials to make laap are beef, pork, chicken ... mixed with chopped liver and spices such as lemon juice, chili, galangal. After being mixed, laap will be served with lettuce and cowpea...

5 delicious foods of Lao cuisine you should not overlook
The nutty flavor of Laap attracts all tourists
All spices blend together creating the extremely nutty flavor for this food. The sourness of lime juice, spicy chili, aroma of spices ... bring visitors an unforgettable feeling.

Tam Mak Houng

Papaya salad in Laotian is called Tam Mak Houng. Selected papayas are not too young and unripe. After being grated into fibers, papaya will be put into the mortar and hit gently. Spices include lemon juice, shrimp sauce, eggplant, pepper, chili.

5 delicious foods of Lao cuisine you should not overlook
Tam Mak Houng (The papaya salad) is totally different from that in other places.
When eating papaya salad of Lao cuisine, the aroma of spices mixed with the sour taste will bring a distinct flavor to diners unlike this food sold in any other places. Most restaurants and eateries in Laos have this dish.

Crusty French bread

Because Laos used to be a French colony in a long time, French dishes are also popular in Laos. They can be easily found everywhere, especially in restaurants in Vientiane and Luang Prabang.

5 delicious foods of Lao cuisine you should not overlook
Crusty French bread can be found everywhere in Laos
In particular, crusty French bread or baguette is the popular breakfast dish of Lao cuisine. Laotians often dip baguette into milk coffee to eat, eat with fried eggs or stuff pate like a sandwich.


Khausoy is a famous dish in Luang Prabang. Looked outside, it's similar to "pho" of Vietnam (a type of noodles) but simpler ingredients and delicious taste. Khausoy broth is only boiled water which is used for blanching noodles. Afterward, broth and noodles are poured into a bowl. Khausoy is above, served with kale, raw spinach, dry onion, pepper, chili. Khausoy is the most important ingredient of this dish, made of minced pork mixed with garlic, tomato and spices of all kinds.
5 delicious foods of Lao cuisine you should not overlook
Khausoy - The symbol of quintessence of Lao cuisine in Luang Prabang
Lao cuisine and nearby countries' cuisine, in a way, have some traits in common. However, all foods boast their distinct delicacy with unique cooking methods of Laotians. Therefore, don't miss the opportunity to taste at least 5 dishes above if you set foot on this nation.

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