Top 4 Scariest Tourist Destinations in Vietnam

These destinations are associated with the historic wars in Vietnam and marks the magnanimous achievements of the former Vietnamese people. They are also considered as the most scariest tourist places in this country and perfect spots for those who want to learn about Vietnam History.

1. The War Remnant Museum

The War Remnant Museum in Ho Chi Minh City is recognized by as one of the top global destination voted by tourists from all over the world.

Located at 28 Vo Van Tan Street - District 3 – HCMC, this museum is where visitors can feel the pain and crudity of the Vietnamese was via exhibition and images here. Besides, there are also exhibition room with topics : West-South Border War, War to protect Northern Border and the issue about Truong Sa Island.

2. Con Dao Prison

This prison system was built by the French to lock special prisoners which made remarkable influence on French Colonialism such as political prisoners and death row inmates. Nowadays, this place is listed as a special National Relic with the infamous “Tiger Cages” in the prison system.

Tiger Cages are a kind of special prison system designed by the French and American to lock and torture the Vietnamese soldiers during the war with many types of cruel torture infliction.

3. Hoa Lo Prison

Hoa Lo Prison was constructed in 1896 in the area which was the suburb of city at that time and used as a chief prison for the Central and North. Many kinds of prisoners were locked here, including political ones. At that time, the prison was named Maison Centrale.

The dark solitary confinement and the infamous guillotine, which was used to kill many revolutionary soldiers, is now still exhibited here for visitors to feel a painful history of Vietnam.

In the American – Vietnamese war, Hoa Lo Prison was used to detain American prisoners and it was called Hilton Hotel by them.

4. Phu Quoc Prison – Hell on Earth

Phu Quoc Prison is located in An Thoi Town in the Southern most of Phu Quoc Island. In the Indochina War, this prison was named Coconut-Tree Prison which used to detain about 32.000 prisoners (40.000 with the whole political ones in many periods)

According to annotations in Phu Quoc Prison, the French applied over 45 forms of torture (from Medieval to the Modern Age) in this “hell”. Their purpose was to find out the groups, leaders and jailbreak plan, etc…

Personal Comment: At one time I visited Hoa Lo Prison, I saw an American veteran (in Vietnam Struggle) in his tour visit this place. What made me notice is that he cried and said “I’m regret joining the disastrous war in Vietnam. If I had another chance, I would protect them from the struggle”. Although I don’t know who you are but I still want to say “Thank You”. 

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