5 Amazing Landscapes of Phu Yen, Land of “Yellow Flowers on the Green Grass” in Vietnam (part 2)

In the first part, you must have been enchanted by the awesome primitive landscapes of Phu Yen in Vietnam. However, it’s not all about this “Yellow Flower on Green Grass” Land, let’s see what others in this land attract natural lovers.

O Loan Swamp

At dawn, O Loan Swamp looks like a big bird spreading his wings and ready to fly over to the sky. At the same view but in the faded light of sunset, the swamp is like a gentle bird looking for the way home by the tranquil river.

Nhan Mountain

Located on the northern bank of Da Rang River and the central portion of Tuy Hoa City, Nhan Mountain is like an enormous green lung in shape of a tern flying. It attracts visitors by not only the spectacle of forest but also the impressive Cham Tower on the summit.

Xuan Dai Bay

From the top of Gang slope, visitors can see the charming picture showing the beauty of both mountain and marine with coconut forest, spectacular mountain surrounding the aquamarine water of Xuan Dai Bay. All beaches here offers limpid water and are not too deep.

The Untouched Hon Nua

Hon Nua is situated at the foot of Ca Pass with a mountain 105-meter higher than sea level. If you travel to Hon Nua in group, you completely should stay one night for camp fire, grilled seafood and tranquility of sea at night.

Ong Cop Bridge

Phu Yen is highlighted with many wooden bridge linking lands with the small oasis in the bays along the coast, which is particularity of this land. In those bridges, Ong Cop Bridge is a special one linking the villages in the North of An Ninh Tay and Tuy An with Song Cau Town.

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