5 Amazing Landscapes of Phu Yen, Land of “Yellow Flowers on the Green Grass” in Vietnam (part 1)

Appeared in the famous film “The Yellow Flower on the Green Grass” directed by Victor Vu, Phu Yen surely attracts viewers by its primitive beauty of particular countryside in Vietnam. However, Phu Yen is not only that. To create a fairyland like in the movie, nature must have tried too much. Let’s see what makes Phu Yen so charming!

Dawn at Dai Lanh Cape
Poetic Dawn at Dai Lanh Cape
Greeting a new day at Dai Lanh Cape will make you surprised at the peaceful beauty of the first sunlight of Phu Yen sunrise. Along the path up to the lighthouse, you can see the immense sea, the unusual-shaped mountains and the sound of waves.

Primitive scenery of Bai Mon
Bai Mon - A Place of Untouched Lanscape
Bai Mon offers an primitive beauty with smooth white sandy beach stretching along to the emerald water. Interestingly, the beach at west offers a fresh-water spring crossing the beach and head to sea, which even creates a more delightful landscape.

Romance of Vung Ro
The Romantic Vung Ro
Vung Ro, surrounded by Ca Pass, Da Bia Mountain and Hon Ba Mountain, was once an important jetty of Ho Chi Minh Trails on sea. Vung Ro has 12 small beaches, each of which has its own particularity with poetic scenery and stretching sandy beaches proper for visitors for relax, sea-bathing or seafood tasting.

The Unique Ghenh Da Dia
The Fairy Ghenh Da Dia
From Tuy Hoa City along the 1A Highway to the North (30km) and taking a right turn at Chi Thanh town to the East (12km), visitors will reach the Ghenh Da Dia. From far distance, it looks like a stack of dishes put beside the sea. Visitors can stroll around this area, feel the salty of sea, the light winds and noise made by waves or simply contemplate the working boats.

Poetic Afternoon on Ganh Den LightHouse
Afternoon by the Ganh Den Light House
Ganh Den Lighthouse is not as big and famous as that of Ke Ga and Mui Dien, but it’s known for the prime location of inlet, red-white colour highlighted on the blue of sea. Additionally, the ancient stones lying along the way to the lighthouse will make visitors feel as they are lost in the stone forest on the coast.

You also can see the beauty of Phu Yen via the trailer of "Yellow Flower on the Green Grass"


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