Plan for A 24h Trip to Vientiane Capital, Laos (Part 2)

Previously, Vientiane, the capital of Laos, was a city which still slept with time. There was no ATM or paved roads, communication was simple and sketchy, and locals travelled by bike or tuk-tuk.

However, nowadays, Vientiane becomes to awake. The cocktail bars, restaurant chains begin to appear. Hotel and luxury villas are invested and developed so that travellers can explore the city more easily and conveniently. Although the look has changed, in the eyes of tourists, Vientiane is still a sleepy town. 24 hours in Vientiane are 24 hours for you to explore the city in a completely new way.
Tuk tuk is a popular mean of transport in Vientiane
2:30pm – 3:30pm: Visit Wat Ho Phra Keo (famous for the rare sculptures)

Ho Phra Keo is a famous temple in Vientiane only to Pha That Luang. It was built in 17-18 century when King Setthatirath moved the capital from Luang Prabang to Vientiane. Currently, this temple still holds many valuable material related to Buddhism and are considered national treasures. Surrounding the temple are rows of bronze crafted Buddha statues. The entrance ticket is 5,000 kip (1$).
Wat Ho Phra Keo in Vientiane
4pm- 5pm: Admire Patuxai Triumphal Arch

Patuxai, symbol of the victory of the people of Laos, is located on the traffic- circle on Lan Xang Avenue - the largest avenue in Vientiane. Previously, Patuxai Triumphal Arch was called Anou Savary (unnamed soldier tower), and was built in 1958. The bottom and the outside of the Triumphal Arch is adapted from the Radio Arc de Triumphe (Paris, France) , but the top and inside of the architecture show the specific relief of Laos. Standing on the top floor of Patuxai Triumphal Arche, you can admire the peaceful rhythm of life of Vientiane people.
Patuxai, symbol of the victory of the people of Laos
5:30pm: Return to the hotel to rest and buy tickets for the cruise to Vang Vieng or Luang Prabang (other sites in Laos, but you could hardly ignore) in advance.

6pm: Walk around the streets, visit flea markets along the shores of Mekong River.

This market sells all kinds of goods such as clothing, shoes, scarves, jewelry. With 15,000 kip (2$), you can buy a pair of earrings or a short.

7pm: Have dinner at a roadside diner

Most of the diners in Laos serve fried rice and rice noodles soup. It's hard to find the white rice because it is not served in many restaurants. It can be said that the fried rice in Laos is extremely tasty. Especially, Han Sam Euay Non restaurant on Chao Anou road (parallel to Frangcois Ngin road, Chanthabouly district) has a unique way of making fried rice. The vegetable salad is equally unique and delicious thanks to the sour spicy sauce with peanuts. A dinner in Vientiane costs only 15,000 kip (2$).
The bustling night market in Vientiane
8pm: In the end of the day, you should walk around at night, enjoy the fresh air, or you can enjoy the taste of beer Lao.

Vientiane is a symbol of politics, economy and culture of the country of elephants. With potential and their efforts, one day, Vientiane will also be a symbol of tourism. Vientiane night will always bring many tourists, not only in Vietnam but around the world, with the lasting impression, the impression of an ancient city, gentle, but equally modern and vibrant .
King Anouvong Chao Anou statue at night

Plan for A 24h Trip to Vientiane Capital, Laos (Part 1)

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