Discovering the Charm of Tu Lan Cave, Quang Binh

Along with the already well-known caves such as Thien Duong (the Paradise) and Son Doong cave, Tu Lan cave systems, in spite of being known by fewer people, is also contributing to the attractiveness of Quang Binh province with adventurous travelers.

Tu Lan cave system, discovered in 2009, is located on the village of Tan Hoa, Minh Hoa district, about 70km from Phong Nha to the northwest. Currently, the system consists of 8 different caves which have not been visited many visitors to Quang Binh, the land renowned for the magnificent cave system all over the world.

One of the caves in the system of Tu Lan
To come to Tu Lan cave, tourists have to ford springs and cross forests; therefore, you should prepare and bring the jungle outfit with clothing, specialized backpack, hats with headlamps, gloves and special shoes. If one of the above- mentioned items is not , your trip will be difficult and dangerous. You will have to carry the personal items yourselves, while food and tents are transported by the professional porters in Tan Hoa.

The journey going through the jungles and fording streams to Tu Lan cave will be an unforgettable experience. While the calm and clear streams comfort you, the high, craggy and pointed cliffs seem to be the harsh challenges. The trip is mainly depended on your ingenuity, perseverance and courage. In the burning sun of the summer, the soaking wet clothes when you wade streams will become your great “air- conditioning” when you walk ashore or climb the cliffs.

To reach Tu Lan, tourists have to ford springs and cross forests
The most interesting part of the trip is that, when reaching Tu Lan cave system, you get to swim in the dark caves to conquer about 5 different caves. The domes of the cave are immeasurably high and the inner grotto changes incalculably, there is place of several hundreds meter wide and gentle like a giant swimming pool, but there are narrow spots, full rugged and slippery rocks. With a life-jacket, you just have your peace of mind drifting gently, using helmet lights to shine on the walls of cave and see the strange- looking stalactites.

Swimming in the dark cave
Water in the cave is cool, and your ears only hear the echo of crackling sound made by the swimmers peacefully cleaving the water. After swimming, you will go ashore and walk to watch the countless stalactites, and diversified small caves (holes). You will surely experience from this surprise to another when standing in front of the magic of nature. There are flat slabs of stone which are as being carefully crafted beside the stalactites forming a natural pool which makes every one think of a fairy beach for beautiful fairies.

The stalactites in Tu Lan cave
The last stop of Tu Lan cave system is a very large dry cave dome. There are two large “doors” adjoining each other for light to shines pretty deep, which helps us observe the system of multiform stalactites. The results of the geological movement in millions of years are rolled pebbles, black rocks with art motifs, iridescent layer as gilded or sparkling stalactite columns.

The dry dome and the “door” of the cave
Finishing the trip exploring Tu Lan cave, you will pitch your camp beside a small lake in the doorway of a large cave where there are flocks of white butterfly. The porters are ready tents and cook the simple local food by most primitive tools. This gives you the feeling like coming back to life of thousands of years ago with the flickering fire and the kebab.

Discovering the Charm of Tu Lan Cave, Quang Binh

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