Vientiane, Laos- Land of the Temples (part 1)

Vientiane has an area of 3,920 km2 and a population of about 1 million people. Situated on the left bank of the Mekong River, Vientiane city also means moon, a majestic capital of Laos. If you have a chance to set foot on this land, you will never forget this peaceful, full of vitality land and a system of pagodas with motifs, patterns symbolizing the unique architecture of temples in the country of elephants.

Coming to Laos is synonymous with coming to the Buddhist country, where the proportion of the temple per person is the highest in the world. Laos has about 2000 temples and pagodas attached to schools, and also to life. The people of Laos have been imbued in themselves with the Buddha’s teachings which are to persistently respect the nuns and the monks in the temples. Specifically, on festive occasions, Laos appeals tourists and Buddhists to visit, to learn about Buddhism no less than the Golden temple country, the neighbor country, Thailand. Among the cities, Vientiane is considered the place converging many large and famous temples.

Vientiane is considered a place having many beautiful and sacred temples
If once arriving in Vientiane, visitors will be told about Wat Ong Teu, a temple associated with the legend of Laos’ King- Setthathirat, the legend praises and guarantee the power of religion, belief in the ability to convert people. Interestingly, after pilgrimaging at Wat Ong Teu, tourists will take part in "Su kwan" (tying strings around a person's wrist) ritual. This is a long-standing tradition which carries the culture of the country, and desires to wish recipient well.

Vientiane, Laos- Land of the Temples (part 1)
The Su kwan ritual
In Vientiane, there is a temple dedicated to the campus of Sangha Buddhist school, where monks from Laos regularly come here to learn about Buddhism, called Wat Ong Theu located on Setthathilath road. The temple also has the largest Buddha bronze statue and is the only evidence left after the destruction of the Thai people. Additionally, if having more time, travelers can visit Wat Haw Phra Kaew (on Setthathilath road); Vat Si Muang (between Setthathilath and Samsenthai roads) ...

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Over hundreds of years, Buddhism has penetrated deeply into the thoughts, feelings and consciousness of the people of Laos. The temple is not only a cultural center, but also where people gather in the festival, which is where literacy, knowledge, healing profession are taught ... Going to temple frequently, considering the temple a place to send spirituality and faith seem to have instilled in every person and created the endearing personality of the people of Laos. With the simple but quiet look, the temples here are filled with heartfelt sentiments contributing to build a culture that is not only full of humanity, but also full of peace.

Vientiane, Laos- Land of the Temples (part 1)
The garden of Buddha statues in Laos
Vientiane has an area of 3.920km and nearly 1 million people. In spite of being the center of politics, economy, tourism of the country, Vientiane has no appearance of a megacity. Instead, it mesmerizes people with its own appeal: the peaceful life, not many high buildings, many trees, everywhere has the shadow of temples.

People coming to Vientiane are certainly interested in Laos temples which are as beautiful as the castles. Temple covers the villages, palaces, offices, tourism ... The temple have always carried with themselves a style of architecture, the unique pattern with many bright colors. Arriving here, visitors can not fail to visit these unique temples.

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