Indochina Highlight

Travel Indochina to explore the most beautiful landscapes, meet the most friendly locals and try the most special food in each place where you land. Indochina is included Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, and with a lot of the wonderful natural and cultural heritages sites in these three countries, your tour to Cambodia is sure very fun and worth.

Nowadays, it is also easy and convenient for the tourist to combine to travel Indochina, and to get a suitable trip, then you should start the trip in Vietnam, then forward to Cambodia, finally travel Laos because it is very convenient for you to take a bus, a short flight or even by hydrofoil from Ho Chi Minh City the most bustling city in Vietnam to enter to Cambodia, and from Cambodia you should catch a short flight to Laos. Depending on your long period permits to cover full highlights of Indochina, but normally at least you also need around 7-15 days to encompass all main highlights of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. And, travel to each country in Indochina, then you should miss to travel main sights such as with Vietnam you must see Hanoi the capital of Vietnam, then Halong Bay where was accepted as one of the natural heritages sites in the world by UNESCO, Hue and Hoi An these are the main two sites belong to the central of Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City or still called Saigon the most bustling and busy city of Vietnam, the Mekong River delta (if you have more time and prefer to meet the ethnic locals in the mountainous areas of Vietnam, then you must travel Sapa where is available the most mighty landscapes in the northern Vietnam).

From Ho Chi Minh City, you should catch a short flight to Cambodia (Siem Reap or Phnom Penh), if you have around 3 days, then you should catch a hydrofoil from Chau Doc to Phnom Penh to cover the main sites of Phnom Penh the capital of Cambodia, then catch a short flight (or the local bus) from Phnom Penh to go to Siem Reap where is available the great cultural structure of Angkor Wat Temple as well Angkor Temple Complex (please note that it takes around 8 hours by the local bus from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap, but it is just around 50 minutes by a flight for this way).

From Siem Reap, you should catch a short flight to Laos (Luang Prabang or Vientiane), if you have around 3-4 days, then you should visit both of Luang Prabang and Vientiane), if you have a short time, then please choose Luang Prabang because this place was accepted by UNESCO as one of the cultural heritages sites in the world, this destination is very special and different from any other site in the world, it is very peaceful and tranquil, travel Luang Prabang you will have a chance to meet the most honest and friendly locals as well as explore the special historical structures which were preserved very very carefully by the government as well as people at here.

The Special Restaurants are located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

In addition to visiting many breathtaking destinations of Phnom Penh, enjoying the city's cuisine in restaurants and eating places is one of the most memorable experiences for visitors. Below, I will make some restaurants for you to choose when traveling Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

1, Dosa Corner

Dosa Corner
Dosa Street Corner is an ideal place for those who want to enjoy good food of curry country. Dosa is a restaurant that has the variety of Indian quintessence delicacies. All foods are placed in a tray and you will eat as Indian. Especially is bread, you can eat with curry soup, soy sauce or other combinations. For only $2,  you can combine to your liking. Besides, this restaurant has fast service and cheap prices that are the plus points. 
Address: Wat Lanka Area, Phnom Penh.

2, Brohet, Orussey Market

Brohet, Orussey Market
Orussey Market is one of the most crowded markets in Phnom Penh. Visitors to the market often find to enjoy Brohet - a snack made from pork, crab meat, then it is wrapped in powder or fried cursorily, and skewered each stick. You can find this dish at the stalls to the west of the market. The price is also very cheap. The price of 3 stick Brohet is about $1 together with vegetables. What's a great food!

3, Psar Kab Koh Restaurant

Psar Kab Koh Restaurant
Psar Kab Koh Restaurant is not located in the tourist area. It is near the river with many small canals and densely populated. This restaurant has been the family restaurant for a long time and most customers are Khmer. The famous dish of the restaurant is the Khmer chicken curry in Kab Koh. It is not only delicious but also full and nutritious. In the restaurant, you should prepare some basic Cambodian sentences, as the place is mainly for local people.
Address: No. 9 Road opposite Kab Koh Market, Phnom Penh.

4, Samnang Kitchen Restaurant

Samnang Kitchen Restaurant
Samnang means lucky and this restaurant will really satisfy the most demanding customers by the variety, richness of the food. Coming to the restaurant, you can easily find Cambodian specialties and many other delicious dishes for you to choose. Another plus point for the restaurant is the staff are very professional and enthusiastic, English communication smoothly.
Address: Street 155, Toul Tom Pong Market, Phnom Penh.

5, The Duck Restaurant

The Duck Restaurant
The Duck is a restaurant owned by Dah Lee, a New Zealand businessman and manager. The Duck restaurant is born with the motto "simple" as the main in the style of cuisine. The restaurant specializes in French cuisine, but Dah Lee is constantly updating new dishes in London and New York. If you are a foreigner from the West, you can visit this restaurant to enjoy your homeland's taste. 
Location: No. 49 Sothearos Boulevard, Phnom Penh.

6, Tepui in the Chinese area

Tepui in the Chinese area
The Chinese area of Phnom Penh is considered to be a lavish area, where Tepui Restaurant serves the Mediterranean and South American cuisine. The head chef of the restaurant is a Venezuelan girl who inspired dishes from her hometown. After that, she combines culinary delights in Shanghai, Paris and now is the culinary essence of Phnom Penh. This is one of the attractive eating places in Phnom Penh you should not miss.
Address: Location: 45 Sisowath Quay (cut street 84), Phnom Penh.

7, Khmer Restaurant Surin

Khmer Restaurant Surin
Address: Street 57, Boeung Keng Kang 1 Commune, Chamkar Mon District, Phnom Penh.
It is a Khmer-style restaurant in the middle of the capital. It serves authentic Khmer and Thai cuisine. The space of the restaurant is decorated simply and airily with cute little things such as water jar, lotus, table set, etc. This is really a good restaurant in Phnom Penh that you should not miss. Tourists can choose their seats from sitting plump to the table, from the first floor to the second floor. Both eating and watching the city is really a wonderful experience.

8, Khmer Food Village Restaurant

Khmer Food Village Restaurant
Address: Next to Hun Sen Park, opposite Naga World Hotel.
Khmer Food Village is one of the eating places that you surely come when traveling in Phnom Penh. It has open and wide space and can serve at the same time to more than 100 unique dishes of the Khmer. Traditional, tasty, affordable cuisine in a beautifully decorated setting makes this restaurant attractive. Walking around a restaurant, you can find good food in Cambodia to suit your pocket and needs.

9, Phsar Reatrey Night Market

Phsar Reatrey Night Market
Address: Street 1, Wat Phnom Commune, Daun Penh District.
Phsar Reatrey Night Market is located right next to the waterfront in Phnom Penh's West Sisowath Quay. This is not only a famous cheap food in Phnom Penh but also a fun traditional place when you travel to Cambodia. The market space is quite large with many stalls selling handicrafts, clothes, and souvenirs. Besides, you will enjoy the musical performances besides enjoying delicious dishes and specialty of Cambodia.
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Travelling in Myanmar with Children – Tips and Guides

Planning for a trip with family, the destination to be chosen which could be much fun and cheerful for all in the family, especially children as they are the centre of attraction wherever we go. We planned for Myanmar, which is a great destination for kids. We have a long list to visit, from the beaches and the boat journeys and also to historic temples and many more. Here it is easy to discover on a budget and get much better facilities than any other places around the country.


Myanmar, officially known as the Republic of the Union of Myanmar which is also known as Burma, it is a sovereign state in the region of Southeast Asia.


The culture of Myanmar is very much influenced by Buddhism. Their culture is very much affected by the ancient Indian culture deeply connected or linked with the local traditions and some affects of the Chinese culture can also be clearly seen in their local architecture and food habits. 

Travelling in Myanmar with Children – Tips and Guides

We can find number of various kinds of stupas and temples throughout the country which resemblance to those in northern India. Buddhism is the single largest religion practiced there, and even some of the villages have a village temple for their prayers. Some other religions which we will find in a smaller number are Christianity, Islam and Hinduism.

Myanmar is one of the most brilliant destinations in the world, the most magical and a golden land of breathtaking beauty and charm. That marinates in their fascinating history, culture and traditions.


  • So here we come with some tips that can help you and your children to enjoy and get the most out your trip to Myanmar.
  • Get some information about the destination to your child. Bring some books according to your child’s age, so that the child should know about the destination beforehand and he can enjoy it.
  • Be sure to pack insect repellent, sun screen and hats in your luggage. All this will be used on your trip.
  • You must get a child-sized life jacket. You will be traveling by boat and there you can get adult-sized life jackets only.
  • Give time to your child so that they can watch the artists you will find along the way.
  • You should be carrying the water at all times as de-hydration can be a risk especially for children.
  • We had lovely swimming facilities, which proved an ideal place for relaxing after a day of touring for complete family.
  • Don’t miss out the puppet show, which is famous in Myanmar, even some of the hotels provide a complimentary show during dinner. Get a catch of it.
  • Take plenty of wet wipes with you to clean the hands before and after meals as restaurants may or may not have fresh, clean running water and soap every time.
  • Be very careful about the poisonous snakes of Myanmar. Remind your children to be on designated paths and they must avoid running in the shrubs or long grass, for their safety.
  • You can bring the child’s favorite snacks for picky eaters, as Myanmar markets will be offering you lots of fresh fruit to eat.
  • Get your child a notepad or diary, so that the child could record his thoughts and experience during the trip.
  • You can also provide your child his own camera for the visit. So that he could make his own memories to cherish further.

Important Points Not To Be Missed Out:

  • Myanmar has a very poor conditions relating to public health, specially the provision of clean drinking water and also sewage disposals, so it is necessary to the parents to be wise and lay down a few rules with regards to maintain the good health of their child, they could do this by various activities such as regular hand washing, keeping sanitizers, wet tissues etc.
  • · Parents should warn their children especially not to play with any animal they find, as it can be dangerous. They could be poisonous or could cause rabies.
  • · When you are travelling with the children, it can be more comfortable and safe by getting in your private car. Try to get your private vehicle if possible.

Top food that you should try in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai is a land of tranquility with its houses, pagodas, temples. They have the typical culture that has survived for hundreds of years. Unlike the modern and bustling city like Bangkok, Chiang Mai attracts tourists with beautiful scenery and delicious food. After spending a day traveling Chiang Mai, you should take a rest and enjoy delicious food. It is extremely wonderful. Below, I will introduce you 10 delicious food of Chiang Mai Thailand that I should try.

1. Khao Soi

Top food that you should try in Chiang Mai, Thailand

People say that if you do not enjoy Khao Soi, you have never visit Chiang Mai. The fact is that it is crispy fried noodles with curry - a specialty of this place. This traditional dish is served with chicken or beef, and some other spices such as chili sauce, salted cabbage, scallion, and lemon. The most famous dish in northern Thailand can be found anywhere from 5-star resorts to eateries on the sidewalk. Do not hesitate to try this food when you are in Chiang Mai.

2. Sai Oua

Sai Oua is also known as Chiang Mai sausage. It is made from pork and is sold all over the street. Unlike other types of sausages in other countries, this type of sausage has the sour taste of lemon and spicy taste of chili, and ginger. This is also a popular dish of local people in Chiang Mai. If you want to enjoy this strange sausage, do not miss the opportunity to try it in Chiang Mai.

3. Kaeng Hang Lei Curry

If you are a big fan of the spicy dish, this is probably the food that you cannot be missed. It is one of the spiciest curries in Thailand. Curry Pork in Chiang Mai has a sweet taste of tomatoes and some spices such as chili, ginger, turmeric, tamarind, and garlic. The taste of this dish is very suitable for those who like to eat spicily. In addition, cold weather is a good condition to eat this curry with friends and relatives.

4. Nem Chua ( fermented pork roll)

Nem Chua is one of the delicious dishes in Chiang Mai and it is also sold a lot on the streets of Chiang Mai and Bangkok. Nem Chua is made from minced pork and is fermented for 2 days. The aromatic Nem Chua will stimulate the taste of visitors during the time you walk around Chiang Mai street at night. You can also buy as a gift for relatives after the end of the holiday in Chiang Mai.

5. Khanom Jeen Nam Ngiao

In Thai, Khanom Jeen means "fresh vermicelli" and Nam Ngiao means "traditional spicy tomato sauce". These two ingredients are combined to create delicious and unique noodles of Chiang Mai. This dish is often served with lemon, bean sprouts, sour cabbage, raw vegetables and crispy pork's skin. Do not miss this unique vermicelli when coming to Chiang Mai.

6. Kaeng Khanun

Kaeng Khanun, also known as curry jackfruit, is a famous curry in Northern Thailand in general and in Chiang Mai in particular. Except for the familiar ingredients and flavors of curry, Kaeng Khanun also contains jackfruit and tomatoes to make this dish more unique. This will be an extraordinary curry that visitors should try when visiting Chiang Mai.

7. Yum Moo Yor Salad

Yum Moo Yor salad is a popular dish in restaurants in Chiang Mai. The salad consists of Moo Yor, onions, vegetable, lemons, fish sauce, and chilies. It is a special delicious appetizer for your meal. In addition, tourists can buy Moo Yor in the roadside booths. They are rolled in green banana leaves and arranged like pyramid-shaped.

8. Miang Kham

Miang Kham is a popular nosh on the streets of Chiang Mai. Visitors can choose for themselves sour, spicy, sweet, or salty taste. When eating Miang Kham, people usually wrap it with La Lot and other spices like pineapple, dried shrimp, peanuts, chili, lemon, onions, coconut. In addition, there are also street vendors that have wrapped availably for visitors to buy this food. The sweet and sour sauce is the highlight of this dish.

9. Fried Spiral Potato

This street food will make you funny because of its shape. Instead of frying potato normally, people cut potation into the spiral shape. Then, they fry with much oil to make this dish crispy. Spiral Potato is served with cheese, barbecue, chili powder, and tomato ketchup. It is suitable for those who like street food and the price is very cheap.

10. Dim sum

Dim sum is served early in the morning in other countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, or China. But in Chiang Mai, this dish is sold at night. This dish is decorated with the bamboo tray that looks extremely attractive. You can enjoy this dish with family or friends after a long time traveling around Chiang Mai.

Top 8 “amazing” destinations that you should travel in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai is one of the most attractive cities for visitors to Thailand. Chiang Mai is an important part that is unlike big cities such as Bangkok or Pattaya of Golden Pagoda Country. Chiang Mai has the beauty of the tranquility and slowly land that produces famous handicrafts. Below, I will recommend you some tourist destinations in Chiang Mai, Thailand

1.Wat Phra Singh Pagoda

Top 8 “amazing” destinations that you should travel in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Wat Phra Singh was built in 1385, and it is considered as the most famous temple in Chiang Mai. The temple has many beautiful features such as Lanna gold-plated frescoes, unique bible depositories, and Phrachaotongtip statue. Besides, every year, the temple also has Songkran Festival. On this day, people will bring the sacred statue to march around the town of Chiang Mai. The purpose is for people to participate in traditional Buddha bathing ceremony. Especially, during the festival, people cook traditional dishes and wear colorful costumes and they will splash water on each other with buckets, water guns, and water balloons. 

2. Chiang Man Temple

Chiang Man Temple was built in 1292 with typical Lanna architecture. The Chedi Tower is surrounded by 15 carved elephants. The architectural sophistication is reflected in the temple's roof by impressive motifs. Inside the temple, there are two famous Buddha statues and a glass Buddha which is said to be The Rain God is Pra Seh-Taang Kamanee. If you come to Chiang Mai, do not miss the chance to enjoy the peaceful and sacred space of this temple. 

3. Walkways

People often call "Tha Phae walking street". It is from Tha Phae Gate to Ratchadamnoen Road and opens from 5 pm to 10 pm. Along the street are the booths that sell the unique sophisticated handicrafts. They are the soul of northern Thailand culture. Moreover, the street became an outdoor stage for street artists to perform street music, dance performances, and traditional Thai games. You will feel the peace and enjoy a lot of cultural specialties of the land. 

4. Summer Palace - Phu Ping Palace

The King's Summer Palace is located on the top of Doi Buak Ha Mountain, Suthep. So, the weather is cool all year round. The palace impressed visitors by the colorful roses that were planted along the aisles. Moreover, its campus is also large for rare plants to pervade. Summer Palace is the place where the Royal Thai still visit to relax. Because Thai people always respect the Royal, they visit the palace with reverence during the holidays.

5. Mae Sa elephant camp

Mae Sa Elephant Camp is located about 30 kilometers from Chiang Mai, and the elephant camp is surrounded by lush trees and lush forest that is beautiful like a picture of the mountain area. It is the habitat of more than 70 tame elephants. Every day, the elephants are bathed in the river at the camp. They are also fed and cared carefully. Elephants at the camp can play football or draw pictures that make visitors very excited.

6. Grand Canyon

Chiang Mai has a charming place where nature combines perfectly with mountains and lakes and it makes this place have imposing beauty. That part of Chiang Mai beauty in the heart of tourists is this Grand Canyon. It has not only the magnificent scene but also wild nature for tourists to explore, swim and see the sunset. The best time for you to visit is in the afternoon. You can bathe, and swim in the green lake near the cliffs and watch the sunset.

7. Botanic Garden

A cactus garden is no longer so distinctive or unfamiliar, but the cactus in Chiang Mai is quite different from the thousands of cactus species. Cactuses live in a transparent glass garden like a cactus miniature world that makes you feel overwhelmed. There are various types of cactuses in different sizes, shapes, and names. Especially, if you are lucky, you will have a chance to see larger cactuses. Outside the glass dome is a glass bridge that is over the tranquil, and peaceful forest.

8. Bazaar Chiang Mai night market

Bazaar is known as the famous market in Chiang Mai. This is a place where Thai people make handmade products and sell those products to visitors and other people. The market is often opened from 6 p.m to 12 p.m every day. Although the time is short, there are many people joining in this market. Moreover, the products are arranged orderly that makes people impressive. You can buy handicrafts, or handmade items from Chiang Mai and northern Thailand.

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Ratanakiri in Cambodia

Ratanakiri is a remote northeastern province of Cambodia, to the south by Mondulkiri Province, to the west by Stung Treng Province, to the north and east by the border with Laos and Vietnam.

Ratanakiri has a diverse range of terrains, including rolling hills, mountains, highlands, lowlands and volcanic lakes. The area is characterized by thick forests with rich foliage and rich wildlife. Ratanakiri is an ideal destination for those who love nature and want to discover new things.

Ban Lung is the capital of Ratanakiri Province in the northeastern part of the Kingdom of Cambodia. A small, peaceful town with peaceful, hospitable and hospitable people. Ban Lung can be called a street in the forest or in the street because there are many trees, many old trees with the small forest in the heart of the city. Ban Lung is home to 12 Khmer Loeu minorities (Khmer Thuong).

Unlike many other cities in Cambodia in particular and in the world in general, Ban Lung does not have a traffic light, no helmet is required for motorcycle riders. 50 cubic meters in traffic, there are no traffic police comrades standing at the crossroads, crossroads or hot spots like in Vietnam, but according to our observation, people still moving so orderly on the road without the "white streak" of the crash. Small town, but on the road a lot of cars. A friend told me that the price of cars here is at least three times cheaper than in Vietnam.

Ban Lung is small but there are some very modern, polite hotels in the city centre. In recent years, the city has attracted more and more domestic and foreign tourists to come here to visit, visit and relax by the beauty of wilderness such as the village of Khmer Loeu Plain, pristine forests, majestic waterfalls, precious stone mines, Yeak Laom volcanic lakes are famous along with mild, pleasant climate. One day in Ban Lung, there are four seasons like in the Central Highlands (Vietnam).

Yeak Laom Lake

The volcanic lake Yeak Laom is like a deep blue jewel deep in the peaceful forest of Yeak Laom Village, in Ratanakiri Province. This area is respected by many Khmer people and is considered the sacred place with many legendary stories. Yeak Loam brings up a deep history with an estimated age of 700,000 years and lies on the mouth of a volcano. Perhaps it is because of the minerals in the eruptions in history that have helped the area grow so well that the lives of the people here are not difficult and difficult.

Yeak Laom Lake is located in Ratanakiri Province, Cambodia

If you have ever been to the natural lake Yeak Loam, you will hardly forget the beauty of it. Bring on a blue colour, the scenery around the lake resembles a water-based painting. In the past, Yeak Loam was formed from a volcano, surrounded by lush green forests, where the village of Yeak Laom was inhabited by indigenous peoples.

Yeak Loam covers an area of about 800m2, the lake surface is only about 47 meters wide. Surrounding Yeak Loam is a 2.5-kilometer long road. Along with this way visitors can stroll to admire the beautiful beauty of the frozen man and jungle green forest, enjoy moments of peace.
The scenery is beautiful, romantic, cool air and friendly people are what you will feel at Yeak Laom Village. Live with time, revolving around the volcanic lake Yeak Laom are many interesting lores of the ancient Khmer Loeu and this story will follow visitors throughout the journey to explore Lake Yeak Laom with many interesting.

Noisy as the usual tourist spots, Yeak Laom lake does not have too many tourists. Visitors are mostly foreign tourists, they often quietly strolling around the lake. People here say that when bathing lake will be very lucky so many people also try to follow; However, they do not play quietly drop in the blue water.

The lakeside has a pier, visitors can swim and picnic here. Besides, there is also the cultural centre of Yeak Laom and the handicraft and fine art exhibitions of the Khmer Loeu people, which are colourful patterned fabrics, cute little toys. Handcrafted from the skilful hands of local people. You can buy yourself some souvenirs to celebrate after the trip or donate to relatives and friends.
Not as popular as other tourist destinations like Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, volcanic lake Yeak Laom impressed with the beauty of the wild, airy but equally poetic of a picture.
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Delicious street food that you cannot miss when visiting to Bangkok, Thailand

If you are a penchant for street food, we can not miss Bangkok, Thailand. Thailand is not only famous for its beautiful places but also the street food. It is also attractive to visitors. So, Thailand is known as a paradise for food. When traveling to Bangkok, you will be impressed by a myriad of delicious food and the price is very reasonable. Here are some suggestions for street food for you.

1. Sparkling drinks and Thai milk tea.

Drinks such as iced coffee, Thai tea, smoothies or sparkling drinks are sold all over the streets of Bangkok for refreshments. When traveling around here, guests can be attracted by popular drinks but very tasty. Especially, only 20 - 50 baht (about $ 1.5), you will buy these drinks on the XXL size.

2. Fried quail eggs

This is a dish found in many Southeast Asian countries and it is simple to make. You just fried quail eggs, then eat together with a special sauce. However, the taste of this dish makes many visitors have a good appetite. Price for a box of fried quail eggs is about 100 baht (about $3)

3. Ice lolly

Ice creams have various shapes, sizes, and flavors of fruit or chocolate. Ice lolly is ideal dishes to avoid the heat of Bangkok. The price of each ice cream is about $2.

4. Tube ice-cream

Tube cream is quite like the ice lolly. However, it is more simple and the price is also less than about 5 baht. Instead of using milk, people use water to make ice cream. Each ice cream is put in an aluminum tube and in ice-box to keep ice-cream not be melted. There are many different flavors such as orange, strawberry, mint or lemon for you to choose. You can find it at Chatuchak Market or along the streets of Bangkok.

5. Cream Mochi

As another kinds of Mochi in Japan, Cream Mochi has a thin skin and the inside of the ice cream is extremely attractive. Moreover, there are many different tastes for you to choose. This dish is sold at Chatuchak weekend market for about 25 baht ( about $0.7)

6. Thai fried rice

With about $1.2 baht, you can enjoy a delicious fried rice with all kinds of ingredients at Union Mall. I am sure that you will never forget the delicious taste of this dish.

7. Fried squid

Squid eggs are fried carefully and it is very crunchy. The fried squid also has a simple method. Firstly, the squid is cut into small slices then covered with a layer of flour. After that, it is fried until squids change into yellow. Squids are eaten enclose with the sauce. You can enjoy this dish at Chatuchak market at weekend.

8. Coconut Cream

At Chatuchak Market, you will not miss the coconut cream. This cream is put in half a small coconut then covered with peanuts, coconut rice, and some jelly. This dish attracts customers because of its taste of cream mixed with attractive flavor from the other ingredients.

9. Fish cake

Unlike Vietnamese fish cake, Thai fish cake has a passionate taste of aroma curry. Fishes are available then the sellers knead into the circle and drop it into the pan until the fishes are ripe. Fishes are served with tomato ketchup and chili sauce. It attracts many customers. You can enjoy this dish at Pratunam Market or Chatuchak Market.

10. Fried chicken

Getting to Bangkok you do not have to visit fast food restaurants that can enjoy fried chicken at the street stalls. In particular, visitors can choose the chicken that they want to eat and the sellers will fried right for you.

11. Som Tam

Som Tam is a papaya salad of Thai with a sweet, sour, and spicy taste of most Thai dishes. Som Tam is made from unripe papaya mixed with dried shrimp, peanuts, chili, sugar, garlic, lemon, fish sauce, and tomato. Most visitors are also a big fan of this dish.

12. Mango sticky rice

Mango sticky rice is the most famous dessert dish of Thailand. mango sticky rice has the main ingredients including ripe mango, sticky rice, and coconut milk. Thanks to that, the dish has beautiful color and attracts visitors. You can easily find this dish at the roadside stalls with prices ranging from 60 - 150 baht.

13. Grilled Squid

Grilled squid is a popular dish that can be found in many Asian cities like Seoul, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, and Bangkok. Grilled Thai style is very simple with the sweetness of the squad along with a little spicy of chilis. It makes people have a special feeling.

14. Thai Fried Eggs

Thai fried eggs are quite sophisticated, the seller usually put meat in the middle of the egg and slowly pack the eggs into a square. After that, the seller often uses a knife or scissors to cut into small pieces. Although it is quite spicy, its taste is very delicious.

15. Crepes

Although Bangkok is famous for many local dishes, no one thinks that it is also famous for crepes desserts. Spending only 60 baht, you have a crepe cake with Nutella jam, fresh cream, and fruits.

Ha Long Bay Vietnam

Located in Quang Ninh,151 km from Ha Noi at eastern side, Ha Long Bay is one of an attractions of Viet Nam which was recognized by UNESCO is a world natural heritage.

The word “Ha Long” has the beginning of a legend. “Ha” means that “down” in China and Long means “dragon”. Local residents say that when the Vietnamese were fighting Chinese invaders, the gods sent dragons to help defend the land. Those dragons began spitting out jewels and jade. These jewels turned into the islands and islets dotting the bay, linking together to form a great wall against the invaders. After that, dragons were interested in peaceful sightseeing of the Earth and decided to live here then. The bay is a sea island in tropical climate with 2 seasons: hot and moist summer, dry and cold winter. Average temperature is from 15 to 25 Celsius. Annual rainfall is between 2000mm and 2200mm.

Ha Long Bay Vietnam
Ha Long Bay Vietnam - Top destinations to travel in Southeast Asia 
The surrounding land region of Halong City is rich with high grade coal deposits, and is operated by the Vietnamese government. The bay consists of a dense cluster of 1,969 limestone islands, each topped with thick jungle vegetation, which rise spectacularly from the ocean. Several of the islands are hollow, with enormous caves. Wooden stakes Cave called Hang Dau Go in Vietnam is the largest cave in Halong Bay. Its three large chambers contain large numerous stalactites and stalagmites. There are two bigger islands, Tuan Chau and Cat Ba, that have inhabitants. Both of them have tourist facilities, including hotels and beaches. There are a number of wonderful beaches on the smaller islands. The first time I had gone to Ha Long Bay is 5 years ago. I was definitely impressed by its breathtaking views. Surrounding Ha Long Bay is the sea but it is like infinite horrizon. My family and I hired a ship to go to sightseeing around Ha Long and I feel as if many beautiful islands came into my view one by one.

Some islands support floating villages of fishermen, who ply the shallow waters for 200 species of fish and 450 different kinds of mollusks. Many of the islands have acquired their names as a result of interpretation of their unusual shapes: such names include elephant (Voi Islet), kissing rocks (Hon Trong Mai), and Mai Nha Islet. 989 of the islands have been given different names. Birds and animals including antelopes, monkeys, and iguanas also live on some islands.

A community of around 1600 people live on Halong bay in four fishing villages like Cua Van, Ba Hang, Cong Tau and Tong Vien in Hung Thang commune, Ha Long city. They live on floating houses and are sustained by capture fishing and marine aquaculture. Originally in Ha Long Bay there was only one fishing village. Now there are about ten. I was retold by a local resident when I went out for enjoying the fresh air. It is so interesting!!

Ha Long Bay is host to two ecosystems: a tropical, moist, evergreen rainforest ecosystem and a marine and coastal ecosystem. The bay is home to seven endemic species. They are an endemic species, livistona halongensis, Impatiens halongensis, Chirieta halongensis, Chirieta hiepii, Chirieta modesta, Paraboea halongensis and Alpinia calcicola. Many islands that the bay are home to a great many other species, including about 477 magnoliales, 12 pteris, 20 salt marsh floras and 4 amphibia, 10 reptilia, 40 aves, and 4 mammalia.

If you live in Hanoi, there are many available ways for you to travel there. There is a bus from Hanoi to Halong city. It is about 160 km away and you can take roughly two hours to get there. When you set the first foot to Ha Long, you will hire a ship to enjoy almost sightseeing there. Another choice is driving by motorbike from Hanoi to Ha Long city in case you are carsick. From bus station to the pier, it will take 10 minutes.

The trip is very meaningful if you travel with your family or with your lover. It is really a memorial experience!!

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Top 5 Destinations for Eco Tourism in Northern Vietnam

Are you looking forward to get closer to nature as much as possible in your next vacation? Then Vietnam is one of the best countries available for you to visit. Vietnam eco-tourism is a massive industry and people who come from every corner of the world have contributed towards it. Here is a list of top 5 Vietnam eco tour destinations that are available for you to visit.

1. Tam Dao, Vinh Phuc

Tam Dao tourist resort is located about 80km away from Hanoi and it has become one of the most popular tourist destinations within Vietnam eco tourism. It offers a variety of unique attractions, which have the ability to impress travelers. Majestic mountains, clear autumn air and the solitary of smogs have contributed a lot towards the above mentioned fact. People who visit Tam Dao will get lost within the beauty of distant mountain peaks. It offers a perfect environment for you to relax and adventurous route for your Vietnam motorbike tours as well.

If you are visiting Tam Dao, you are encouraged to stay a night, so that you will be able to get the most out of your stay. The mornings at Tam Dao are filled with beauty. It would be a unique sight to see how sun creeps in through the misty mountains. You would love to enjoy this scenery while having a cup of coffee. Wildflowers would bloom during this time to enhance the beauty of the surroundings. You will also be able to experience peace and calm throughout the mornings. 
During your visit to Tam Dao, you should never miss out the Bac waterfall. Shimmering water would reflect the haunting of the sun and it would give life to a unique feel.

2. Kim Boi, Hoa Binh

Tourists who are interested in enjoying a bath from the natural hot springs tend to visit Kim Boi. It is located around 70km away from Hanoi. This region has been popular among tourists for hundreds of years because of the natural mineral springs. These springs are located deep within the ground and water produced by them can assist people to get a unique experience. This experience would be similar to soaking the body within a relaxing lake. In addition, you will be able to hear the unique voices of how water rush under the ground. It is also possible for the travelers to immerse themselves within the romantic mountains in this neighborhood. This would be a unique experience that you cannot get from anywhere else.

Kim Boi is not just known among tourists for the natural hot springs. The unique views of nature provided for the guests have also contributed towards its popularity. Once you are at Kim Boi, you wouldn’t feel like coming back home. The people whom you can meet in this village are friendly as well and they would support you throughout your stay.

3. Cuc Phuong National Park

Cuc Phuong National Park is located about 120km away from Hanoi. Trees that are old for thousands of years can be found in this region. The first impression that you would get after visiting Cuc Phuong National Park would be a unique one. You would feel that you are living inside a museum, which was constructed during the prehistoric times. The immense lake and green spaces that you can see in here are unique sights, which cannot be experienced from anywhere else. You will also get the opportunity to enjoy how butterflies fly across the forest and the beauty of forest petals.

Even the road that you have to take in order to visit Cuc Phuong National Park is filled with natural beauty. You can get a realistic feel on how it would be to spend your time within a jungle while you are at Cuc Phuong National Park. You should not miss the Ancient Cave while you are spending time at the Cuc Phuong National Park. In here, you will be able to admire the beauty of green oak, which has been there for hundreds of years.

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4. Tam Coc Bich Dong

Tam Coc Bich Dong is another popular destination that you can see in Vietnam eco tourism. It is considered as the country of immortals and is located about 100km away from Hanoi. Colorful fields can be found across the land you can see in Tam Coc Bich Dong. Fascinating caves and peaceful rivers are perfect examples to prove the above mentioned fact. In addition to these attractions, you will be able to find a beautiful mountain at Tam Coc Bich Dong as well.

At Tam Coc Bich Dong, you shouldn’t simply ignore paying a visit to the Thien Huong Cave. Then you can also visit the Thai Vi Temple, which offers a large number of stories that are filled with pride. You will also be able to experience the amazing achievements in the history of Vietnam while you are at Tam Coc Bich Dong. This would be a value addition to the people who visit here to experience Vietnam eco-tourism.

5. Nui Coc Lake, Thai Nguyen

A Vietnam eco tour would not be complete without a visit to the Nui Coc Lake located in Thai Nguyen. It is located about 15km away from Thai Nguyen. Therefore, travelers’ can think about visiting here with minimum hassle. Nui Coc Lake is deeply connected with the nature. Hence, people will be able to get extremely closer to the nature. The blue skies and vast land have enhanced the beauty of the lake as well as its surrounding.

Nui Coc Lake is an important destination in Vietnam eco-tourism because it has been created from a collaborative effort of men and nature. Plenty of space can be found around the lake, where you can relax and enjoy. This destination can bring in peace and tranquility into your life as well. Therefore, you should never miss it out.

Indochina Expeditions: Where to Go After Ho Chi Minh City?

Ho Chi Minh is considered as a must-visit destination for tourists in their tours to Southern Vietnam thanks to its modern western lifestyle and a wide range of important historical and cultural sites of the country. Many visitors always wonder if it is worth taking a few extra trips after their visit to this city. If you do as well, then my post will help you to figure out some best options for your Indochina Holiday Packages.

Chau Doc

Situated on the border with Cambodia, Chau Doc will be an interesting stopover when travelling to the 2 countries, where you will have a chance to come closer to the simple and peaceful life of local people on Mekong Delta. Once setting foot on this city, you will be amazed by its tranquil countryside scenery with immense lush rice paddies and rustic villages. Furthermore, the trip to Chau Doc will offer you the opportunity to learn more about Buddhism in Vietnam thanks to a wide range of temples and pagodas, especially the most sacred one locating on the Sam Mountain. Once climbed to the mountain's top, you will be able to witness a stunning panorama over Cambodia. Chau Doc is also the ideal place to experience homestays in Mekong River and visit some Cham villages to learn more about culture and local customs in Mekong Delta.

Phnom Penh

This is definitely the place to be after Ho Chi Minh City. Considered as “the Pearl of Asia” back in 1920s, this charming French-built city will surely be worth visiting for worldwide architecture, history and culture adventurers. After embarking one of the best luxury vessels on Mekong River the Jayavarman Cruise or Mekong Princess Cruise and enjoying their impeccable luxury services, you will reach the kingdom of various incredible things - Phnom Penh. A not-to-be-missed attraction in Phnom Penh should be the Royal Palace and Silver Pagoda – symbols of the country, which will offer you the chance to admire a unique architectural complex of Khmer people. You might find it interesting to pay a visit to Independence Monument, locating at the heart of the city, to check-in and observe Phnom Penh’s bustling traffic scene moving around you. For those who are interested in Cambodia’s terrific history in Khmer Rouge’s period, some short tours to The Killing Field and the Tuol Sleng Genoside Museum should not be skipped. What is more, if you have time, spending 1 or 2 nights extra here will be a great idea, which will guarantee you many exciting spots such as the night markets, the National Museum and many unique Temples lying in the outskirt of Phnom Penh.

Siem Reap

What an idea that after spending some days exploring the bustling Ho Chi Minh City then cruising on the majestic Mekong River on one of the best Ho Chi Minh to Siem Reap Cruises to the home of ancient Buddhist temples and historical sites. Undoubtedly, whenever reminding to this city, you might think about the Angkor Complex, a national icon as well as one of the greatest and most recognizable architectural masterpieces in the world. There, you will be surprised at any religious details on the walls as well as mysterious statues in the complex. It is also a good chance to take some great photos of the complex to capture a highlight journey during your Indochina Tour Packages.

Mui Ne

After Ho Chi Minh, why don’t we take a trip to one of the most charming beaches in Vietnam for a few days? Located just 180km east of Ho Chi Minh City, Mui Ne is sure the place to be after days exploring Ho Chi Minh City. Widely well-known for its white-sanded beaches and a large number of entertaining activities, Mui Ne attracts millions of domestic and international tourists each year, especially the ones from Ho Chi Minh City. Besides, you may be attracted by Red Sand Dunes – the highlight in Mui Ne – ideal place to hunt for the most breathtaking photos in Vietnam and experience firsthand the sand cars. Moreover, you can visit many other exciting spots such as Fish Sauce Plants, Fairy Stream, Po Sha Inu, Mui Ne Market etc.

Tips for Travelling to Bac Son Valley, Vietnam

Among a lot of charming mountainous destinations in Vietnam, Bac Son Valley seems to be one of the most ideal ones for you to both experience adventurous hiking tours and discover unique ethnic villages. Followings are some tips of ours that might be helpful for your trip to this mysterious valley.

When to Go

The best time to visit Bac Son Valley is from July to November, when all the immense rice paddies are lush with ripening rice. Paying a visit to this golden kingdom in this period will offer you the opportunity to learn more about agriculture in Vietnam, understand why this country is one of the top rice exporting countries in the world.
Moreover, travelling in Autumn offers you the best condition to discover the place. There will be no unexpected rain like in summer or coldness in winter.
You can easily find a wide range of good accommodation at Bac Son center at reasonable prices thanks to its remote location. Particularly, the price for normal hotels in the center is around US$10-15 including everything. Choosing a local homestay there will also be a great choice, when you will have to pay only US$4-5 to experience your trip like a local and easily make friends with other tourists from different countries.

What to Bring
Due to the fact that the valley is located at an elevation of 500 – 1500m including a lot of high mountains, the unmissable thing to bring there is coats to stay warm from strong winds and coldness at midnight. Besides, you will need many essential stuff for hiking such as shoes, hat, compass, map and additional things for your overnight discovery such as lighter, camp, blanket.
It will be a long hiking journey so preparing some healthy foods for you and your team is a must. You can also prepare some barbecue foods to enjoy on the highest peak in Bac Son Valley.

What to See

Hunting for great photos of the ripening rice seasons seems to be the most popular activities for Vietnamese Travellers to join here in Bac Son Valley. Once arrived at the valley, you will be amazed by a giant picturesque view of yellow rice paddies surrounded by majestic mountains and dreamy rivers, which guarantees you many chances to take your best photos during your Northern Vietnam tours.

What is more, you might be eager to conquer a wide range of stunning mountains here including the must-try one called Na Lay. At an elevation of about 600m, it will take you about an hour to hike up 1200 stone steps to reach its peak. Once standing on Na Lay peak, you will be able to admire a panorama of the whole Bac Son Valleys as well as rustic villages of local people below.

There are many other fascinating attractions and important historical sites that you can try to extend your knowledge about the places such as Dang Mo Waterfall, Bac Son Museum, Nong Luc Temple, Quynh Son cultural village etc.

Besides sightseeing, the Bac Son trip also guarantees you a chance to learn more about history and culture of a huge population of ethnic minorities. There are various ethnic minorities in the valley such as Kinh, Nung, Dao, Tay etc, which creates a diversity in culture that worth exploring in your Bac Son trip. Anyway, one exciting thing you will realize that most of local people here are living in the house-on-stilt, the typical traditional styled accommodation of mountainous villagers in Vietnam. Although its design and material are really simple, they reflect an extremely rich lifestyle and tradition of ethnic people. Once visiting the villages, you will also have a chance to observe daily activities of them including farming, feeding and raising their cattle, learn some secret culinary techniques that you will never forget during your Vietnam food tours and even join them for a welcome dinner.