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Travel Indochina to explore the most beautiful landscapes, meet the most friendly locals and try the most special food in each place where you land. Indochina is included Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, and with a lot of the wonderful natural and cultural heritages sites in these three countries, your tour to Cambodia is sure very fun and worth.

Nowadays, it is also easy and convenient for the tourist to combine to travel Indochina, and to get a suitable trip, then you should start the trip in Vietnam, then forward to Cambodia, finally travel Laos because it is very convenient for you to take a bus, a short flight or even by hydrofoil from Ho Chi Minh City the most bustling city in Vietnam to enter to Cambodia, and from Cambodia you should catch a short flight to Laos. Depending on your long period permits to cover full highlights of Indochina, but normally at least you also need around 7-15 days to encompass all main highlights of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. And, travel to each country in Indochina, then you should miss to travel main sights such as with Vietnam you must see Hanoi the capital of Vietnam, then Halong Bay where was accepted as one of the natural heritages sites in the world by UNESCO, Hue and Hoi An these are the main two sites belong to the central of Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City or still called Saigon the most bustling and busy city of Vietnam, the Mekong River delta (if you have more time and prefer to meet the ethnic locals in the mountainous areas of Vietnam, then you must travel Sapa where is available the most mighty landscapes in the northern Vietnam).

From Ho Chi Minh City, you should catch a short flight to Cambodia (Siem Reap or Phnom Penh), if you have around 3 days, then you should catch a hydrofoil from Chau Doc to Phnom Penh to cover the main sites of Phnom Penh the capital of Cambodia, then catch a short flight (or the local bus) from Phnom Penh to go to Siem Reap where is available the great cultural structure of Angkor Wat Temple as well Angkor Temple Complex (please note that it takes around 8 hours by the local bus from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap, but it is just around 50 minutes by a flight for this way).

From Siem Reap, you should catch a short flight to Laos (Luang Prabang or Vientiane), if you have around 3-4 days, then you should visit both of Luang Prabang and Vientiane), if you have a short time, then please choose Luang Prabang because this place was accepted by UNESCO as one of the cultural heritages sites in the world, this destination is very special and different from any other site in the world, it is very peaceful and tranquil, travel Luang Prabang you will have a chance to meet the most honest and friendly locals as well as explore the special historical structures which were preserved very very carefully by the government as well as people at here.

Playing with the Clouds atop “Sapa in Cambodia”

Located on an altitude of over 1,000 meters over sea level, the plateau of Bokor is like Sapa in Vietnam of the Kingdom of Cambodia with cloud covering all year round. Standing in Kampot plain looking up, the mountain is shaped like the hunchback of a cow (in Khmer language, Bokor means the hunchback of cows), for that reason, it was named Bokor .

Playing with the Clouds atop “Sapa in Cambodia”
From Kampot plain, visitors have to go through a long pass road of 32km to the summit of the mountain. Leaving behind the noisy, bustling life of the plain, visitors only see the winding road with the vast green of the trees, the birds singing, the sound of animals calling each other ... The blue of the sky, of the sea, the green of unspoiled forests appear in the eyes making visitors who come here for the first time be amazed with the beauty of the most beautiful mountain pass road in this country of temples. The higher, the lower temperature, clouds covering the mountain a both fanciful and mysterious, attractive beauty for Bokor plateau.

According to several documents, Bokor plateau was once a luxury resort of the French in the early 20th century, therefore, it had a full range of services from restaurants, hotels, casinos to schools, post offices, churches, royal palaces... When the French withdrew, Bokor became a relaxing place of Shihanuok royalty or the rich in Cambodia (in about 50s- 60s). However, Bokor plateau was gradually abandoned and forgotten, from a place used to be such a paradise, it was called a 'ghost town', apart from the left casino and the church, the other parts were only the rocks, the decayed mortar walls.
Playing with the Clouds atop “Sapa in Cambodia”
After nearly half a century oversleeping, Bokor plateau was awakened in 1993 when it was decided to establish Bokor national park. Since then, the resort buildings, entertainment, casinos, restaurants... were built in Bokor giving a new, more attractive vitality in the eyes of tourists. The most prominent resort in Bokor is Thansur Bokor Highland Resort. This includes many advanced services with 5-star standard, pool, restaurant, casino, bar, Vietnamese karaoke and includes amusement parks for children...

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Bokor also has many famous attractions, places to take photo that visitors should not be overlooked including: Pram Samprov temple (also called Temple of the Five Boats), built in 1924 by King Monivong. The temple is small but stunning with large rocks shaped like the fossil boats (hence, it is called Temple of the Five Boats) associated with the legend of the mysterious love story of prince Preah Thong and Aquarium Princess Nagani building their own kingdom.
Playing with the Clouds atop “Sapa in Cambodia”

From Temple of the Five Boats, visitors can see ancient casino and the abandoned hotel built by the French in the early 20th century hidden in the mist. Not far away is the cathedral with mossy brick wall. When the evening falls, the church is hidden in the clouds creating a fully mysterious scene. This Catholic church was built by the French in the early 20th century for the French authorities to pray when coming to Bokor to relax.
Playing with the Clouds atop “Sapa in Cambodia”

Another ideal destination here is Popokvil waterfall (which means the clouds hold). The most beautiful time of the waterfall is about from May to October (in rainy season). The waterfall has 2 floors, the upper floor is about 15 meters high, and the lower is about 18m. Not only is Popokvil the place where you can soak in the hot days, the waterfalls is also an excellent place for you to take pictures.
Playing with the Clouds atop “Sapa in Cambodia”
Visitors also can visit the statue of Ya Mao (mother Mao', the lakes ... Besides, Bokor has fresh air, cool climate, so it is very suitable for visitors to go hiking or biking on the winding slopes.

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