Top 11 Must-Taste Burmese Dishes

Attention tasty food lovers! Now it’s your time to explore the must-taste Burmese dishes you should not forget to eat during your Myanmar visit. Either you are a Burmese or a tourist; you should have tasted these dishes to feel the real taste of people living Myanmar.

Once you enter into the Myanmar, you should start exploring the restaurants and street foods of the Myanmar but do not forget that you’re new to such dishes so we would suggest you to taste a little bite first and then order more. Also, take care of your stomach if you do not want to get sick during your holiday. But do not leave this chance to taste the fabulous food of Myanmar given below:


Lephet Top 11 Must-Taste Burmese Dishes

Start tasting the Burmese dishes with a light food, Tea Leaf Salad is one of the popular dishes of Burma which is usually served as a dessert. It is known in the name of Lephet which is a fermented tea leaf taste delicious and healthy food.

Shan Rice

Shan Rice Top 11 Must-Taste Burmese Dishes

Myanmar is a land of rice production where you will find quality nature of rice. Also, there are various dishes containing rice in which Shan-Style Rice is so common and most popular Burmese food. This dish is cooked with turmeric with flaked fish fresh water and garlic oil, Shan Rice tastes hot and spicy and a taste which is difficult to forget.


Burmese curry Top 11 Must-Taste Burmese Dishes

You must have eaten Curry in your country but have not taste Burmese curry every before. This time is to taste the delicious Burmese curry during your Myanmar visit. Non-vegetarian can taste the Burmese curry containing little oil on pork, shrimp, fish, lamb and beef which can be eaten with herbs and sauce.

Tea with Meal

Tea with Meal Top 11 Must-Taste Burmese Dishes

All tea lover, if you want to taste the unique and stunning tea then you must not lose the chance to taste the tea with variety of meals at the tea stalls in Myanmar. The natural taste of tea will refresh your mind and give a cure to your stressed body. Once you’ll have a cup of tea, then you will surely turn into the energizing and refreshing mood.

Sweet Dishes

Sweet Dishes Top 11 Must-Taste Burmese Dishes

If you’re done with spicy and tasty food, now it’s time to taste some sweet dishes of Myanmar which contain mouthwatering taste. In sweet Burmese dishes, Kauk Mote, (Red Beans and Coconut), Yoghurt with Palm Sugar, Gyalebi (Jalebi in India), Burmese Flan, Thagu-Pyin is among the top delicious dishes of Burma. Usually Burmese do not take sweets as a dish but they prefer to take with morning tea as a breakfast.

Burmese Tofu

Burmese Tofu Top 11 Must-Taste Burmese Dishes

Burmese Tofu is a Shane-based dish which is made from chickpea flour. It’s delicious food whose taste you cannot forget. The flour is a mixture of turmeric with little salt. It is served with the rice noodles and tastes delicious.

Nangyi Thoke

Nangyi Thoke Top 11 Must-Taste Burmese Dishes

Sounds mysterious but its common food in Myanmar, it is a dry noodle dish combining broth and salad. You’ll find the taste of turmeric, chili oil and it forms a shape of thick round rice noodles with chicken.


Mohinga Top 11 Must-Taste Burmese Dishes

Mohinga is termed a street food, which majorly eaten during morning time as breakfast. It is again a rice noodle which is served in herbal fishing and broth, you can find the taste of banana as it is supplemented. It’s spicy and tasty Burmese food you must have during your visit.

Khauk Swè Thoke

Khauk Swè Thoke Top 11 Must-Taste Burmese Dishes

Khauk swè is a noodle salad with shredded cabbage and carrots and dried shrimps and dressed with friend peanut oil, lime and fish sauce. It tastes great and gives you a tasty and spicy food. If you’re a noodle lover then it will really taste you good.


Samusa Top 11 Must-Taste Burmese Dishes

Samusa is an Indian inspired food which is well-known as Samosa in India. It is stuffed with mutton, onions, and served with fresh mint, onions, lime and green chili.

Thayet Chin Thoke

Thayet Chin Thoke Top 11 Must-Taste Burmese Dishes

Thayet Chin Thoke is one of the delicious Burmese salads, which is fermented green mango salad with green chili, onions, roasted peanuts, oil, and sesame. It is a tasty healthy food that keeps your body healthy and satisfies your hunger.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re planning to visit Myanmar (Burma) then you must-taste all these foods during your visit to relish the real taste of Burmese.

8 Enchanting Tourist Sites in Dien Bien

Coming to Dien Bien, you are not only attracted by historical sites but also irresistible tourist attractions. Dien Bien has not only relics associated with the glorious history of our nation, the places below will satisfy the most demanding tourists. They are the vast fields, rugged passes and even mysterious caves.

1. Muong Thanh field

In the rice season, Muong Thanh field is full of vitality, and is as beautiful as a drawing with a light green color spreading to the horizon or yellow in the sun when the rice is ripe. With an area of ​​4,000 hectares spreading across Dien Bien Phu, Muong Thanh is considered the largest field in the Northwest, becoming a granary for Dien Bien Province. Many visitors love to come here at the end of September, when the rice season is ripe by the view from above, Muong Thanh field is like a golden valley with aromatic rice in the air.
Muong Thanh Terraced fields

2. Pha Din pass

Located on National Highway 6 (from Hanoi to Dien Bien), Pha Din the pass is considered to be the border between Son La and Dien Bien provinces, which is called the "the forth greatest pass" of the North West with a length of 32 km. This is also one of the most dangerous routes in Vietnam. Pha Din, in the local dialect, means heaven and earth, implying that this place is an adjoining land between the heaven and the earth.
Pha Din Pass
Located at an altitude of over 1200 meters above sea level, the road crossing the pass include steep slope in one side and deep abyss in the other one. Conquering Pha Din Pass is an impressive journey that gives visitors an enjoyable experience, especially for those who want to explore the wild and majestic nature.

3. Pa Thom cave

Located about 30 km from the center of Dien Bien Phu city, Pa Thom cave is located in the middle of the mountain, famous as a beautiful cave, and is known locally as "the cave of flower fairies", with legends, myths about true love.
Pa Thom Cave
Crossing the small road, visitors will see that in the middle of the entrance to the cave, there is a huge rock like the head of the elephant hanging down. The cave has nine large arches with a lot of stalactites bearing lively shapes and fanciful colors. The walls are the emulsion as large iridescent waterfalls flowing. From the gate, zooming out, visitors will admire the landscape of wild nature, enjoy the fresh air and quiet space. The cave was recognized as a national monument in 2009.

4. Xa Nhe Cave

Considered as one of the most beautiful caves in Dien Bien, Xa Nhe Cave has mysterious beauty, visitors coming here are as being lost in an interesting pristine place. With a length of 700 meters, the cave consists of five large and small compartments, on the domes are dazzling blocks with glittering lines which are sometimes soft and sometimes as flexible as the waterfalls. Each stalactite block is flowing with countless glittering particles. On the ground of the cave, there are “forests” of stalactites of strange shapes that attract visitors.
Xa Nhe Cave

5. A Pa Chai border mark

As one of the most remote mountainous areas in the northwestern part of the country, A Pa Chai has border demarcation line of Vietnam, Laos and China, where one rooster crows and three countries can hear.
A Pa Chai Border mark
A Pa Chai junction has long been considered to be one of the most difficult and interesting destinations by those who love exploring because the road to the border mark on the top is still wild, difficult and dangerous. Coming here, visitors will be surprised and intrigued by the beauty of the adventures of the high mountains covered by the clouds all year round.

6. Hua Pe Hot Spring

Hua Pe hot mineral spring is located in Thanh Luong commune, Dien Bien district, 5 km northwest of Dien Bien Phu city. There is a large mineral water with a regular temperature of about 60°C, next to this, it is Pe Luong artificial lake which is year-round windswept, forming Dien Bien ecological hot mineral spa, one of the most attractive ecotourism destination with services such as convalescence and medical treatment that increasingly attract visitors near and far.
Hua Pe Hot Spring

7. Pa Khoang Lake

Pang Khoang lake is located in the territory of Muong Phang Commune, Dien Bien District, Dien Bien Province, about 20km from Dien Bien Phu City, adjacent to National Highway 279, connecting Dien Bien Phu City with the headquarter of Dien Bien Phu- Muong Phang Campaign formerly.
Ba Khoang Lake
Pa Khoang Lake is located in the midst of majestic nature, hidden in the sky. In the winter, the mist covers the lake’s surface creating a fanciful landscape, looming far away are the mountain ranges, beautiful houses. In the summer, the atmosphere is pleasant with cool south winds. In the reservoir area, there are villages of ethnic groups such as Thai, Kho Mu which are the ethnic groups that preserve the customs and characteristics of the North West ethnic groups... If you have the opportunity to come to Dien Bien, take a little Time to visit Lake Phu Khoang to get immersed in the nature.

8. Muong Phang Cherry Blossom Garden

Many domestic and international visitors arriving in Dien Bien know that Muong Phang was the headquarter of the Vietnamese military during Dien Bien Phu campaign. However, not many people know that, on an island in the middle of the lake of Pa Khoang, Muong Phang commune, there is a flower garden of cherry blossom, marking the friendship between the two nations Vietnam - Japan.

Muong Phang cherry Blossom Garden
From a wilderness area that was formerly a cattle grazing area, this place has formed a flower forest with hundreds of specimens, there are flower varieties of Dalat as well as of other regions. However, the most prominent ones are the thousands of cherry blossoms of 20 varieties, including original and hybrid species. The older the trees are, the more flowers they have.

Among the wild and majestic mountains of the Northwest, the island of cherry flowers on the land of Muong Phang not only fascinate Vietnamese people, even Japanese tourists are stunned, dazed by the beauty of their country’s flower. When the cherry blossom blooms, travelers in the plain flock to Muong Phang, admire the cherry blossom, drop their soul to the romantic and poetic scenery and enjoy moments of peace and close to the nature.

In the fresh, calm space of the early morning, you can freely wander around the island, watch the dew drops of glitter which are still on the leaves, listen to the birds singing and welcome the sparkling sunshine shining everywhere. It would be beautiful moments that you will forever remember in the years of your life. Then years later, you will feel proud and never regret the pace of discovery years whenever you revise your trip.

Dien Bien is a painting drawn by the nature that we can not ignore. Coming to Dien Bien is coming to nature, is coming back to visit a historical region. Perhaps, in the journey to Dien Bien, we should bring a pen and paper to record the heroic history of the nation and then share those experiences with those who have not arrived yet.

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The Reasons You Should Travel to Myanmar

Myanmar - the "Golden Temple" country of Asia, where there are many ancient temples, gentle hospitable people with the unique customs of ethnic identity. Therefore, Myanmar is a "hot" tourist destination today. Come to Myanmar, you can relax, discover and experience the mystery, sacred places here. There are a lot of questions as to why the land is so popular, what makes Myanmar tourism develop so fast? This article is sharing why you should come to Myanmar once in a lifetime. The sacred land of Burmese temple architecture is the aspiration of many Buddhists. There are more than 4,000 thousand large and small pagodas with majestic, magnificent architecture in Bagan, Yangon, etc. Here are some examples of Buddhist culture, including the famous Shwedagon Pagoda where holding the important treasures of Buddhism. In addition, there is the sacred stone Golden Rock lying on the high stone and legendary expiration about it. Travel to Myanmar, you will feel the peace of mind, admire the Buddhist country in the afternoon when dusk falls down, hear the bells ringing and the chanting rhyme in many places.

Myanmar has many beautiful caves which received the privilege of nature. Myanmar has many large and mysterious natural caves. So many visitors are eager to come here to explore them. Many caves in Myanmar are not in the travel guide, so when you visit here, you have to ask the local people to find the way to the cave. The major caves of Myanmar are concentrated in the south, typically Pindaya cave. This is a large cave, located about 100km from Inle, it is a limestone cave and in the cave there are large and small Buddha statues that go through the historical periods 

Cuisine of Myanmar delicious. Burmese Culinary is a combination of a mixed culinary background, it combines Chinese, Thai and Indian cuisine. When you come here you will enjoy delicious food, characterized by reasonable prices suitable for everyone. Good food here includes Shan Bean, Myanmar curry served with sour mango, green peppers and mint leaves (Danbauk), Kat Kyi Hnyatn (Pad Thai style noodles, including rice noodles, Seafood, meat, bean sprouts and fried eggs).There are also many delicious dishes bearing the flavor of the country, difficult to find anywhere else in the world. 

It can be said that, like many Asian countries, Myanmar people are friendly. They are always happy to be friends, ready to help people in trouble in their own country. They are very interesting, always smiling and love to speak English with visitors. They are shy but very polite. Be open when getting acquainted, children here always crowded with tourists to babble to learn English, never ask for money from travelers. The customs of this place are also interesting, they only eat two meals a day and in their meals there is no shortage of shrimp. The people here say that if the meal lacks shrimp, they do not eat well. Besides they love nature, they like to raise birds, they always want to have a life of freedom and peace.

Myanmar now still has many mysteries that people in the world do not know, only the natives understand. Traveling to Myanmar, you will have the opportunity to reverse the timeline back to many years ago to explore the mountains, caves and ancient sites. In remote areas like the Shan Plateau, sparsely populated, they live peacefully in the plateau, with little contact with outsiders. In southern Myanmar there is a vast field of colorful statues, forested statues, etc. These are the things that make visitors question and want to explore it.

Visit The Place Where Tattoo Is The Sign of Beauty For Women

Chin people live in the mountainous area, mainly in Chin State, which borders India and Bangladesh to the west, which makes up about 2% of Myanmar's population. The life of Chin ethnic people mainly follows ancient traditions.

Like many other ethnic groups around the world, the Chin also has its own customs, in which the one that makes visitors feel most interested is probably the custom of tattooing of Chin women. The older people here recall that Chin women were so beautiful that they often caught the eyes of emperors and nobles. In order not to be taken as female servants, the Chin women tattooed their faces to make them ugly. From generation to generation passed on to each other, it has become an indispensable part of the culture of this ethnic group. Even people who do not have tattoos on their face will be considered ugly and will not be able to find a husband, the more tattoos the more beautiful the woman is. From the age of 12 to 13, the Chin women began tattooing their first tattoos on their faces.

These tattoos cover the entire face of the woman, which start from the top of the nose and spread in the form of spider webs. Even the eyelids are tattooed. Tattoos on the face are very painful, many people's faced are swollen all over and they cannot go out. Tattoo needles are made from pine wood, tattoo ink is made from special trees. Tattoo inks are mixed with many other additives so that when the tattoo on the face will not fade over time.

Nowadays, as society grows, This custom is gradually becoming less and less popular. Many Chin people move to other places and young people no longer have their faces tattooed. Today, we can only see this beauty trace on the faces of old women.

This custom lasted from the 11th century and was officially banned by the Burmese government in 1960 because it was considered a barbarous custom and they would punish severely if anyone did not comply. However, somehow this custom was maintained until the 1990s.

In the past, Chin state was separated, isolated from the outside world and not given much attention by the government. Foreign visitors were also restricted, and if you wanted to come here, you would need to ask for confirmation from the local authorities.
So every year, there are only about 700 tourists visiting and the purpose here is to contemplate the last generations of tattooed women in Chin State.

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Discovering Legends of Mount PoPa, Myanmar

Your worries and anxieties seem to be washed away by the clouds as you stand on the top of PoPa to see the scenery around here. The longer you admire the view, the more clearly you will feel more about the fanciful scene that few places have in Myanmar.

About an hour of driving from the heart of Bagan, running through bumpy trails, two sides are immense green rice fields. Looking towards the horizon, a mountain will appear in the shape like Mount Fuji of Japan. That is Mount PoPa.

Mount PoPa lies at the altitude of 1581m above sea level and located in the center of Myanmar, about 50km southwest of Bagan. On the beautiful clear days, visitors coming here stand from the Irrawaddy River can also see the mountain.

PoPa Mountain is a pride and a center of belief in Myanmar. The temple on the mountain is home to many large Buddha statues, which also attracts tourists and devotees from all over Myanmar and around the world. To reach the top of the mountain visitors will have to overcome 777 steps to reach the top of Mount PoPa. Visiting Mount PoPa, tourists do not only enjoy the fresh air, watching the vast river, watching the sky and land, but also have the opportunity to hear the legends, folk tales, guardians of the destitute people in Myanmar.

Nat Mihagari

On the way to the summit, visitors can stop several times to visit different temples to worship. At the altar of 37 Natas, visitors will hear the temple keepers tell stories about the Natanhem of house Mahagiri of the Tagaung from the upstream of the Irrawaddy, who were helped by the king of Bagan, Thinligyaung. Their wish was that after passing away, they would be burry be on top of PoPa. And finally, their wish was fulfilled and they became guardians of the destitute.

Me Wunna and her two sons

Besides the above story, there is another legend of PoPa Meday, whose another name, according to legend, was Me Wunna. She lived on top of PoPa and the foods she consumed were mostly flowers. She fell in love with Byatta, a royal soldier gathering flowers from PoPa to King Anawrahta of Bagan. She asked him to marry her. Byatta did not obey the king, who opposed the marriage, and their children were taken to the palace. Because of immense misery, Me Wunna died with Byatta and became a Nat. Two of her children became heroes during the king's service, but were later blamed for building the temple in Taungbyone near Mandalay and executed by the king. Although they have become two gods, their bodies were sent back to Taungbyone where the main festival takes place every year in August.

From the peak of Taung Kalat you can see the whole landscape below, although the surrounding area is the arid rocky mountain but PoPa has 200 streams flowing around it. The wind blowing across will make visitors feel a sense of peace amidst the mysterious region of Myanmar

Visit Myanmar's Largest Teak Woodworks - Shwenandaw Monastery

About 40km away from the heart of Mandalay, the teak wood Monastery of Shwenandaw is a popular destination of Myanmar thanks to its ancient architecture, exquisite carvings, and tranquil beauty.

The History of Shwenandaw

The historic monastery locates in the territory of Maha Aung Mye, Dawna of the former Mandalay Capital. It lies at the foot of Mandalay Hill. Built in the 19th century under the reign of King Mindon, considered a royal monastery, Shwenandaw is well known both internally and externally as a representative of traditional architecture and unique carving art on teak wood of the country of the temples.

The monastery is regarded as a glorious trace of the past. Formerly part of the Amarapura Palace, it was later moved to Mandalay and became the northern part of the Glass Palace, with the name Mya Nan San Kyaw, which was a part of the palace of King Mindon and his Queen.

After the death of King Mindon, the monastery - or old palace was assigned to King Thibaw and became the mediating place of this king. However, King Thibaw soon moved the monastery away from the Mandalay palace to the present site, close to Atumashi Monastery because of the image of King Mindon always haunted the teak house.

Later, the teak house was rebuilt into a monastery, also the memorial of King Mindon. And so far, Shwenandaw has been the only remaining monolithic wooden work of the Royal palace of Mandalay.

The distinctive architecture of Shwenandaw

The palace is a masterpiece of Burmese wood sculpture. It includes a wooden house with 4 separate roofs that are both majestic and magnificent. Sophisticated images of Buddhist myths and elaborate patterns are carved all over the monastery from the roof, balustrade to the walls.

With its extremely unique structure, the floor of the monastery rests on a teak pillar system, 54 mythical Nayar models adorn the exterior columns of the building, displaying majesty and are also mascots defending the monastery from the attack of the evil forces.

Mythical Nayar Model

All the details, carvings, and patterns of Shwenandaw are highly appreciated in terms of art and craftsmanship, all evoking a glorious golden age of Myanmar teak architecture.

Inside the monastery, there are many items gilded or encrusted with crystals, the mural, interior in the main are decorated carefully and detailedly. The main corridor of the main palace with its marble panels, marble sculptures, gives the viewer an extremely convincing view of sophistication and meticulosity in each line.

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Must-visit Destinations in Mandalay, Myanmar

If you want to learn about the culture, art, traditional history of the local people while traveling in Myanmar, you can visit the city of Mandalay. With the age of over 142 years, this place is full of historical relics, monuments as well as many Buddhist temples. You can browse through the tourist attractions in Mandalay on the list below for more details.

1. Maha Myat Muni Pagoda

The Statue of Buddha Mahar Myat Muni

Maha Myat Muni Pagoda, also known as Mahamuni, is a popular tourist attraction in Mandalay. This pagoda possesses the oldest statue of Buddha Mahar Myat Muni in Myanmar. The statue is 4 meters high, cast in bronze and weighs 6.5 tons. The crown of the Buddha is decorated with rubies and sparkling diamonds. Later, many religious devotees contributed to inlaying the 15 cm thick gold plate on the entire Buddha statue. Therefore, visitors will see the image of this Buddha statue is totally different from that when it was newly constructed.

2. Mandalay Hill

Mandalay Hill - A Prominent Landmark of Mandalay City

During your trip in Myanmar, if you see the Mandalay hill from distance, you are definitely getting close to Mandalay because this 230-meter-high hill is the most prominent landmark of the city. There are also many watchtowers for people to relax and enjoy the dawn in the early morning or romantic sunset when the sun is hidden behind the mountains. And visitors will see in the southwest of the foothills are two statues of lions standing guard very majestically and solemnly.

3. Mandalay Palace

Majestic View of Mandalay Palace

One of the most popular attractions in Mandalay for tourists to learn about the history of the city is the Mandalay Palace. The Palace was constructed under the order of King Mindon when he relocated the capital from Amarapura back here in 1861. The location of the palace was also very well calculated, based on prophecy and astronomy. Although destroyed in World War II, the government of Myanmar restored the Mandalay Palace, which is quite similar to the old architecture.

4. Mahar Aung Myay Market

A Jade Vendor in the Market

Since ancient times, Mandalay has been famous for its jade, temples and teak. Therefore, if you traveled to Myanmar without visiting the Mahar Aung Myay Market, it would be such a big regret. This is the largest jade market in the world, from bracelets, earrings, pendants to Buddha statues. Guests will have the chance to admire many incredibly beautiful jade blocks. And if you like, you can buy some small jade pieces or decorative statues as souvenirs on the trip.

5. Kuthodaw Paya Pagoda

Most Of The Area Is Covered In White

Situated at the foothills of Mandalay Hill, Kuthodaw Paya Pagoda is renowned for being the largest preserve of Buddhist scriptures in the world. Built under the order of King Mingon in the late 1800's, the temple consists of over 729 white stupas containing stone carvings engraved on Buddhist scriptures. Therefore, visitors will see a white color that almost covers the whole area. Also around the pagoda are jasmine flowers and many old trees for people to rest.

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7 Famous Hot Mineral Water Springs in Northern Vietnam

When the cold winds start blowing, visitors begin going to hot mineral water springs. Bathing in hot mineral water not only helps us to relax but also help to restore health, cure some skin diseases, joints and heart. Following are addresses of the seven hot mineral bathing sites in the North of Vietnam.

1. Quang Hanh hot spring - Quang Ninh

One of the first hot springs we should mention is Quang Hanh hot spring. This hot spring is located in Quang Hanh Ward, Cam Pha City, Quang Ninh, about 10km from Ha Long City center. This is one of the 7 famous hot springs in the North of Vietnam.
Quang Hanh hot spring - Quang Ninh

Quang Hanh hot spring is the familiar destination of people in the two cities. Located on the tourist route from Ha Long to Van Don, Mong Cai, Quang Hanh hot spring is also a favorite stop for many travelers. You can choose to have a both in your own room or in the shared hot mineral pool. Although it is cold, you do not feel trembling, breezing when being immersed in Quang Hanh hot mineral stream.

According to scientists, the hot mineral water in Quang Hanh hot spring not only helps to relax, restore the health of the body, prevent some diseases related to skin and bone but is also good for health. Unlike some hot mineral springs which are drilled at depths of hundreds of meters in some other places, Quang Hanh hot spring is a hot mineral source rising up into streams on the ground.

2. Tien Lang Hot Spring - Hai Phong

Located 18 km from Hai Phong city center to the south, Tien Lang hot mineral spring has long been familiar with Hai Phong people and both domestic and international tourists. The Hot mineral water here is considered as one of the 5 most valuable mineral water mines in Vietnam and categorized as the same type of mineral water in Russia, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, and France. Raised from the depth of 850m underground, Tien Lang hot mineral water gives visitors the feeling of enjoyment. You can enjoy other services here such as mud bath, massage, herbal steam.
Tien Lang Hot Spring - Hai Phong

3. Kim Boi Hot Spring - Hoa Binh

Kim Boi natural hot mineral springs are located in Mo Da village, Ha Bi commune, Kim Boi district, Hoa Binh province, 70 km from Hanoi. Among the hot springs in Vietnam, this is the mineral spring with the lowest temperature, from 34 to 36ºC. The water is not hot enough to form vapor on the water, but the temperature and mineral content here are enough for the healing, relaxing skin. After bathing, you can enjoy the food of local people such as piglet, sour chicken soup with bamboo shoots, rice cooked inside the bamboo tubes, mountain goats, fish caught in the streams ... You can also go sightseeing in nearby tourist attractions such as Mai Chau, Hoa Binh waterfall.

It is ideal that in the winter and spring, are can bath in a natural hot mineral water pool, if you have been bathed in Kim Boi, you will feel the warmth of the mineral water here. This site enchants visitors with the calm and fresh air, friendly and hospitable people, and especially the festivals of Muong ethnic held on every Saturday evening. This is a very interesting place, is an ideal place to getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city at the weekend.

4. Thanh Thuy hot mineral spring - Phu Tho

Located in La Phu, Thanh Thuy district, Phu Tho province, 65 km northwest of Hanoi, Thanh Thuy hot spring is the ideal place to relax at weekend regardless in the summer or winter.

Discovered about 25 years ago, Thanh Thuy hot mineral water mine was formed and mobilized under deep-seated gourd holes forming the hot sulfur mineral water along the Da river with an area of over 1 km². The average temperature of water in the hot mineral spring is from 37oC to 43oC, the total reserve is 19,710,000 m3.
Tien Lang Hot Spring - Hai Phong

Thanks to many micronutrients, Thanh Thuy mineral spring has the ability to restore health, circulate the blood, and is beneficial for the heart. In summer, the water is processed through the radiator so that the water’s temperature is about 27 degrees Celsius. In winter, the natural water is warm enough.

Only in recent years, the potential of Thanh Thuy hot spring has really been exploited and seen as the strength of eco-tourism resort of Thanh Thuy district. If you live in Hanoi, you can just go to Thanh Thuy to enjoy the comfort of winter here and return within a day.

5. My Lam Hot Spring - Tuyen Quang

Situated in the mountains of Yen Son forest, 15 km from Tuyen Quang town along Highway 37, My Lam mineral spring is one of the ideal resort and medication destinations for visitors from everywhere. The mineral stream in My Lam is very clear and above 60 degrees Celsius, which is taken directly from the underground water circuit of over 150 m deep. With high sulfur hydro content, My Lam mineral spring is also called "sulfide mineral spring". This is considered to be one of the few good mineral water mines in the North. In addition to cheap price, visitors here are attracted by quiet, charming natural scenery and gentle, hospitable people.
My Lam Hot Spring - Tuyen Quang

These days, when the weather is quite cold, are the ideal time for the trip soaking in the hot mineral water that the Creator generously granted this land.

This source of underground water was discovered by French geologist C. Madrolle in 1923, with a temperature of up to 67 ° C. There is a water circuit at the depth of over 150m, so water My Lam mineral spring is very clear.

After bathing, visitors should not miss the opportunity to enjoy the tube of rice cooked by the local people together with the fragrant, salty flavor of black sesame. Rice cooked inside bamboo tubes in My Lam has become a specialty that attracts tourists not only due to the fragility of glutinous rice but also the unique processing method.

6. Ban Moong hot spring - Son La

The hot spring in Moong village, Hua La commune, Son La city is an interesting stop. About 7 km away from the city center, Moong village attracts domestic and international visitors with the mineral spring of 36 - 38 degrees, which is good for health. Compared with other hot mineral springs, Moong village has houses on stilts with typical Thai ethnic culture. After a few minutes of enjoyment in the mineral spring, Northwest cuisine will be the “goodbye” of Moong village before visitors leave this land.

7. Kenh Ga hot spring - Ninh Binh

Kenh Ga hot spring is in Kenh Ga village, Gia Thinh commune, Gia Vien district, nearly 20 km from Ninh Binh city. To get to this hot spring, you have to sail through the branches of Hoang Long River into the village of Kenh Ga. Hot water here flows from Hang Ca Mountain and has a stable temperature of 53 ºC. The water in the stream is colorless, odorless, slightly salty and contains high levels of minerals. Kenh Ga hot spring is nominated to be listed in Top 5 most attractive hot springs in Vietnam by Vietnam Records Book Centre.

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Top 3 Unique Places for Relax near Hanoi

The suburban resorts, filled with green colour of trees, have become ideal choices for travelers wishing to "escape" over the weekend. Here are 3 new resorts for those who do not want to go far but still enjoy the space close to nature, separate from the dusty and noisy.

Hidden Villa

Renting a house away from the center with full facilities to "escape" a few days with friends is a trend that many people choose in recent times. Designed primarily from wood and glass, in the middle of a pine forest, the Hidden Villa in Soc Son is like a villa coming out of a Twilight movie.

The building is isolated and closed. Here you go to a world completely different, feeling like in a forest in Northern Europe. The house has 2 large bedrooms, suitable for families and groups of friends to picnic about 10 people. With fresh, green space, your children can play and explore nature, adults can relax by reading, chatting or walking together in the forest, playing the game.

There is also a fully equipped kitchen area with microwave, fridge ... and an outdoor BBQ area where guests can prepare their own meals and parties. Indoor game such as billiards, outdoor activities such as cycling and exploring pine forest, fishing, swimming ... are all very interesting. Full rental package is 2.8 million VND (112 usd) per night, weekend is 4 Million VND (160 usd), 14h check-in, 12h check-out.

Jungle House

This is also a home for vacationers in Tu Son, Bac Ninh. The road is quite difficult to find, but you will feel the 30 km distance is worth it. Beautiful as in fairy tales, the resort appears as an ancient castle with walls covered with vines.

The house has 3 bedrooms with 4 beds and double mattresses suitable for groups of 8-15 people. Large living room with fireplace system that warms the whole building, is suitable for both winter vacation. Separate kitchen, gas stove, refrigerator and full dish ... To organize BBQ BBQ outdoors, you need to prepare food and charcoal, oven is available. Hanoi tours to discover the capital of Vietnam.

In the evening, when the yellow light bulbs lit up, the garden where the dinner table is placed became shimmering and poetic. A little wind, leafy trees around the house, everyone enjoy wine and eat baked goods, it will be great moments. Also, come here, you can go fishing, go hiking in the mountains, visit the pottery and make your own products ... Price per night is 2.8 million (112 usd) on weekdays, 4 million (160 usd) at the weekends and holidays.


Located in the alley on Ngoc Thuy street, Long Bien, Hanoi, the house of painter Dao Anh Khanh for tourists to hire as a homestay. Only about 15 minutes drive from the city center, but the space here makes many visitors in the middle of the fairy forest with small houses "grow" between the trees.

The homestay consists of small tree houses with the name of Zen Space Tree House, Cozy tree house, Tropical paradise tree house, Sky tree house, Garden cottage ... Each tree house has its own design but in common, they are eco friendly with fresh air, help visitors relax and escape away from the noise, smoke and enjoy the moment of relaxation.

Some are connected to each other, suitable for family or big group. Depending on the type of room, guests can stay 2-4 people. House prices range from USD 45 to USD 100 per night. In addition to accommodation, guests also have common space to relax, organize small parties and enjoy painting.

Top 10 Destinations in Laos in 2017

Laos is the only landlocked country in Southeast Asia. Laos borders Myanmar and China to the northwest, borders Vietnam to the east, borders Cambodia to the south, and borders Thailand to the west. The mysterious ancient capital, cave systems with a capacity of more than 23,000 people, the vertical airport… will bring tourists with new perspectives about the country of temples.

#1.Admiring the gilded Pha That Luang stupa

That Luang or (Pha) That Luang is a Buddhist stupa in Vientiane, built in 1566 under the reign of King Saysetthathirath in the form of a small bottle of wine on the ruins of an Indian temple in the 13th century. The exterior of the temple is inlaid with gold.
Top 10 Destinations in Laos in 2017
Admiring the gilded Pha That Luang stupa
This temple tower was once destroyed during the invasion of Thais in the 19th century but was later restored to the original version. With the architecture of Laos culture and identity, the temple tower has become a national symbol of Laos when being printed on banknotes and the national emblem.

According to legend, the tower has preserved the Buddha’s relics, which are a hair and a lot of jewels. Pha That Luang includes the main tower of 45 meter high surrounded by sub-towers which are red lacquer trimmed with gold.

#2.Bokeo Nature Reserve, the ideal ecotourism location

Top 10 Destinations in Laos in 2017
Bokeo Nature Reserve, the ideal ecotourism location
This is a place where has almost all rare animals, the green canopy of tropical forest cover, rich fauna. Most importantly, tourists coming here have opportunities to live in the houses on the tree, experience the feeling of traveling to houses by cables or walk on the “monkey” bridges (kind of footbridge). It is this unique wildness that has made Bokeo Nature Reserve become an impressive adventurous tourist attraction in Laos.

#3.Tham Kong Lo Cave, the most gruesome and interesting site in Laos

Top 10 Destinations in Laos in 2017
Tham Kong Lo Cave
Located in the area where has Nam Hun Bun river flows through 7km and cliffs of more than 90m high, Tham Kong Lo cave is extremely mysterious and equally creepy. The inside of the cave consists of the oldest stalactite columns. It is pretty dark in the cave, so when planning to travel Tham Kong Lo, you should fully recharge the battery and ask the indigenous people or tour guide to help you explore the cave.

#4.Visiting the worldwide famous Kuang Si Waterfall

Top 10 Destinations in Laos in 2017
Kuang Si Waterfall
Considered as one of the world's most beautiful waterfalls, Kuang Si is only about 50 meters wide and pours down from above creating the stairs separating natural wonderful swimming pools. The lakes created by this waterfall are turquoise, so visitors can swim and feel the pristine, cool feature of the mountains here. With the unique and enchanting beauty, Kuang Si This waterfall is one of the impressive tourist destinations of Laos that you can not miss when visiting this country of elephants.

#5.Vieng Xai tunnel - impressive historical site

Viengxay caves, formerly known as Xang Lot, in Laotian, means an elephant passing and falling into a cave. This is a system of nearly 500 caves in Viengxay, in the mountainous area in the north of the Kingdom of Laos.
Top 10 Destinations in Laos in 2017
Vieng Xai Tunnel
In times of war, this was the place where a lot of important meetings of Pathet army were held, and also the hideout of the revolutionaries in the American army’s air strikes during Vietnam War. With a capacity of about 23,000 people and the system of stores, print shops, schools and hospitals in time of war, this cave has always made people admire. Today, it is considered as the "gold mine" of tourism in Laos.

Besides the feeling adventurous or exploring the unique features in the lives of people during the war, or conquering 7 of 500 caves, tourists can admire the beauty of the mountains in Viengxay or admire beautiful the serene picture of the roofs reflected in the river at the foot of the mountain.

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#6.Visiting Mekong River

Top 10 Destinations in Laos in 2017
Sunset in Mekong River- Laos
Mekong River is about 4.350km long and is the largest river in Southeast Asia. The river is originated from China and goes through 5 countries in the region including Laos. If you travel to Laos in the dry season, you can drift along the Mekong to admire the beautiful natural landscapes along the river banks from Huay Xai to Luang Prabang. Tourists can also go further to look at the river through the dense forest. Enjoying the Mekong River is one of the exciting experiences as well as an impressive tourist attraction that visitors should not ignore.

#7.Luang Prabang- the impressive tourist destination

Luang Prabang is one of the favorite destinations in Laos of travelers visiting the country. Surrounded by rolling mountains, located at the junction of the Mekong and with Nam Khan, Luang Prabang owns the majestic natural landscapes which are not faded by the time. Apart from that, Luang Prabang has preserved ancient temples despite many ups and downs in the history.
Top 10 Destinations in Laos in 2017
Tak Bat in Luang Prabang
If you arrive at Bang Luang in March and April, you also have the opportunity to attend a traditional water festival that Laotians call “Bunpimay”. Bun means blessing, the blessing to be blessed. It is considered as one of the traditional cultural festivals in the Southeast Asian countries in general. The Water Festival to welcome the New Year are hold to bring cool, prosperity for all things and to purify human life. In the festival, people splash water on each other to pray for good weather and a happy new year.
The houses, villas or hotels in Luang Prabang are the exquisite combinations between French architecture and traditional Laotian style. All create a both modern and ancient beauty. It is this unique that makes Luang Prabang become not only an impressive attraction in Laos but also a charming tourist destination in Southeast Asia.

#8.Vang Vieng, the ideal location for backpackers

This is a small town located along the Nam Song River and is considered " the paradise for discovering " of those who love to conquer the rapids in the world. At this point, you should rent a bike and take a trip through the ancient caves. Visiting the ancient villages and learning the culture of the people here are also interesting activities.
Top 10 Destinations in Laos in 2017
Morning view in Vang Vieng - Laos
Coming to Vang Vieng, you should not miss the sunset and sunrise on the Nam Song River, these scenes have made Vang Vieng an ideal destination for young backpackers who love the peace and quietness of Laos.

#9.Mountains Tourist attractions in Laos - Muang Ngoi Neua

Top 10 Destinations in Laos in 2017
Muang Ngoi Neau - The mountain tourist attractions in Laos.
After only an hour traveling upstream the River in northern Luang Prabang, visitors will admire the spectacular mountain scenery. With rolling mountains surrounding and the river with sediment, Muang Ngoi Neua town becomes incredibly peaceful. If you are a person who loves climbing and walking, this is surely the destination that should not be ignored.

#10.Discovering the beauty of Si Phan Don (4000 islands)

Top 10 Destinations in Laos in 2017
The 4000 islands in Mekong - Si Phan Don - Laos
As a vast archipelago with Mekong River flowing through, Si Phan Don has a total of 4000 big and small islands. This place is considered one the largest islands located at the southernmost of Laos. Despite being a landlocked country, the mother nature bestows a Laos the ravishing Si Phan Don. With cool blue waters and the winding waterfall, visitors will feel like that they are separated from the outside world. These small islands emerge as the bonsai on the calm river surface. This is also the habitat of famous freshwater dolphins.

The unspoiled and peaceful country of Laos is the place which attracts millions of visitors around the world each year. With the ancient architecture of the unique Buddhist works across the country and the pristine natural beauty, Laos will surely give you the experiences which you can not forget. Followings are the destinations you must visit in the country of elephants.

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